Dying Light: How to Fix Crashes, Stuttering, DLL Crash, Black Screen and FPS Drop Issues

Dying Light is now available worldwide but an extensive list of performance bugs and errors are affecting the playability of this survival game. The most common issues players are facing right now are: are: random crashes, crash on launch, DLL crash, FPS drops, shadow display issues and black screen error. If you’re having any of these problems check below for a possible resolution.

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Somebody1412d ago

I can play the same game I bought years ago on any of my new PC. I can't do that with consoles.

For consoles I have to pay MS and Sony yearly or monthly fees to play last gen games which are streamed from some server. I don't do that with the PC.

Magicite1412d ago

But I want 60fps at 4k resolution and 144hz refresh rate.../s

Maxor1412d ago

Weird, I dont have any of these problems. I guess my PC doesn't suck.

Senyra1412d ago

That's kinda true, bad or medium PCs tend to give much more headaches in games.

Perjoss1412d ago

I always build my own PCs even though I'm totally useless at doing so, yet I dont even get a fraction of the PC gaming problems I read about online.

I think most of the time its people trying to play games on ancient hardware.

redey31412d ago

ye obviously my gtx980m and i7 sucks... Idiot. This game is so unoptimized it hurts. I'm now regretting i didnt buy the game on console...

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1412d ago

I guess the issues must be on PC. I've played roughly an hour of it and haven't noticed any glitches or frame rate drops. Once you get used to the control set up, it's actually a good game, speaking for the PS4 of course.

poor_cus_of_games1412d ago

Well since I live in the UK I have to wait another month. Thanks WB. I'm not paying £55 for the digital copy. Besides I just got a email from amazon that they have upgraded my pre order to include all dlc and the season pass at no extra cost. Nice one.

IrishSt0ner1412d ago

£39.99 on steam. Unless you mean on console, you can buy digitally (using US dollar pre-paid cards) off US store on Xbox for £31/£32. I read a similar method can be used for PS, although haven't tested that myself.

sungam3d1409d ago

Been playuing this game for a few hours.


But on PC it is a POS.

Running it maxed settings out runs solid 50-60fps.
But it does just randomly cash, I think when cut scenes start to play.

Quite lame.