8 Lessons That Video Games Teach Us

It’s a common thinking that video games are only played to kill time, but it is not true. Reality is that video games have a great impact on our routine life. Contrary to what the media might have us believe, the benefits of playing video games are numerous.

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usman31441359d ago

GTA: San Andreas was good.. you eat get fat and go to gym to get 6 packs

SolidStoner1359d ago (Edited 1359d ago )

it was best simulation back then for sure.. :D it looked wicked..

R* was ahead of its time, even now its ultra rare feature..

UnHoly_One1358d ago

It's most likely rare because it isn't fun.

I never saw the appeal of all that extraneous crap in the GTA series.

waleed1251359d ago

video games dont teach us they just try to teach us, like time is money but u should buy and play our game for hours anyway xd

slayer2541359d ago

yeah its can teach us but most of the gamers don't even think about it :P

YamiMarik1359d ago

They taught me to watch gameplay videos on Youtube if the developer only puts bullshots on PSN, XBL, and Steam.

faisalsheikh141358d ago

Time is Money My Friend... I love that Goblin line. So funny voice.

slayer2541358d ago

seems you are world of warcraft lover :P

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