Dying Light Trolls Left 4 Dead In-Game

Techland has a little surprise for Valve in Dying Light.

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ValKilmer1413d ago

LOL, that's amazing. Good to see Techland has a sense of humor.

UnHoly_One1412d ago

Yeah I really love these guys' games.

WeAreLegion1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

This is a very liberal use of the word "trolling".

Th3o1413d ago

I agree, what difference is this between let's say an easter egg?

WeAreLegion1413d ago

It's definitely an Easter egg. Haha.

Cy1413d ago

More of a reference than trolling...

obelix991413d ago

Left 4 Dead 3. Now that's what i want to see.

NovusTerminus1412d ago

Valve can't count that high.

FlyingFoxy1412d ago

Agreed, Left 4 Dead and Killing Floor are the most fun zombie FPS's i've played. Dead Island got nothing on them.

twiggytree121412d ago

That's the game I am waiting on, when they make left 4 dead 3 I will own an X1. (unless they release on PS4 which i highly doubt)

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The story is too old to be commented.