Why Is Lara Croft Suffering From Multiple Personality Disorder?

While the world knows Lara best from the genre-defining Tomb Raider games, she's carved an unlikely niche with arcade-style dungeon crawlers, too.

Anyone who played video games in the '90s surely remembers the days when Lara Croft seemed omnipresent. Her polygonal face adorned books, magazines, and posters. Angelina Jolie strutted about as Lara on the silver screen. Lara even flitted about, larger than life, as part of the multimedia visual overload U2 presented as the centerpiece of a concert tour.

A decade and change of struggling for relevance since then has made Lara's face a far less familiar one, however — and it probably doesn't help that her face itself has undergone such radical changes. After several attempts to modernize the former action star, developer Crystal Dynamics basically went back to the drawing board for 2013's reboot, called simply Tomb Raider.

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-Foxtrot1361d ago

Her development in the new games wasn't that good.

One minute she's crying over her first kill then she's killing dozens of people without a care.

They should of slowly built up to it in the beginning after each new kill.

Doesn't help when her voice sounds so out of place.

TheJacksonRGN1361d ago (Edited 1361d ago )

I agree, her transition wasn't handled well. Though I disagree about her voice. I thought Camilla's VO was solid.

-Foxtrot1361d ago

They were so bothered about making like Uncharted with big set pieces, explosions and running/gunning that they rushed her development.

Her voice isn't that good, she sounds way younger then she is and she sounds like a 15 year old girl. The screaming and crying doesn't help her.

You can't beat the older voice actors Lara had

I mean that "Oh I hate Tombs" bit with her voice....CRINGE

LightDiego1361d ago

I prefer the classic Lara Croft too, she was tough.

Maxor1361d ago

You can say the same about Drake. One minute he's out of gas fighting some random dude, the next he murders an entire an army.

gamer78041361d ago

i thought the story and character development was far superior in the previous tombraider games. Not to mention better replay value with treasure hunting and costume unlocks. I hope they bring back more of the tombraider of old.

jb2271360d ago

Even beyond her, her whole supporting cast was all subpar. They really didn't nail any good character moments in that whole game, aside from one or two stray bits. It was definitely fun to play but the story kind of felt like an afterthought in my opinion. Stories are important in any creative medium, no matter how much focus is put on it. Look at a game like Journey, there was no dialogue whatsoever & yet they still made the story impactful & still made you feel for characters w/ that significant crutch…Tomb Raider just fell very short in that area in my opinion. Hopefully Rise will better it but it wouldn't take much to do that.

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Femto1361d ago

because you touch yourself at night

Insomnia_841361d ago

Dealing with Microsoft would make anyone go nutz!

TedCruzsTaint1361d ago

Anything else to add to that?
Anything at all . . .

Okay good.

Sm00thNinja1361d ago

Game was fantastic what are we discussing here

Magnus1361d ago

I thought the game was good.

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