The first 10 minutes: Culdcept Saga got their hands on the Japanese version of Culdcept Saga and have posted a video showing the first 10 minutes on their site.

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MicroGamer5955d ago

with Japanese subtitles, so I would imagine that it will be released in the English speaking world. It would be a simple thing to remove the Japanese text and replace it with English.

bighed035955d ago

it sounds like a 12 yr old wrote the dialogue. if i'm gonna play a "next gen" rpg, i'm going to want an immersive story... not the same watered down crap that's been recycled into the same game over and over again.

Sphinx5955d ago

A huge Dane Cook fan. Anyway, I can't listen to it at work, so I can't say anything about the dialogue, but I'm always excited to get a new RPG to take a look at.

eques judicii5954d ago

this game just looks boring... nothing seems all the exciting... one battle took like 20 minutes.. ugh.. pass!

note: card games should be played with cards... not on a console