Dead or Alive Creator Blasts Latest Installment, Calls It 'Disgusting'

The creator of the Dead or Alive fighting series has launched a scathing attack on the developers of the latest title in the series.

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nidhogg1364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )

It got a little out of hand I agree. But, then again, who am i to complain hihihi.

PoSTedUP1364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )

yeah. to make the DLC and game, that im Definitely going to be buying now, more erotic to get ppl like me to buy it-- is pretty low. ...oh wells. disusting practices for benevolent perverts, welcome to the industry. hopefully the gameplay is good. its a shame to create something and see it turn into something you didnt intend. but thats life, do something about it or move on.

bouzebbal1364d ago

i kinda agree with him. DOA5 has always been advertized for its sexy fighters than what the game is about.
DOA has always been a very solid fighting series and i think what they are doing with DOA5 marketing is wrong.

bunt-custardly1364d ago

I also agree with the master Itagaki san. He makes no illusion of his motives with the fighting game and DOAXVB games being separate fan service whilst keeping the integrity of the fighting game in tact.

DOA 5 has become well DLC milked which is saddening and now the Last Round milking some more.

hay1364d ago

DoA was advertised with boob models and skin texture since day one and it wasn't a problem for anyone while he was behind the steering wheel.

IMO, if you're past that skin texture and boob model DoA has just gotten good and someone's jelly.

CocoWolfie1364d ago

I agree, like for me it got worse with the 300 billion costumes, and now a new gen version with even more costumes coming after it XD

spacedelete1364d ago

what a big hypocrite. the guy who made DOA so sexualised is now bashing it.

Bigpappy1364d ago

Yep. He played around with the sexiness in a subtle way in the fighting game, but made DOA Extreme and Beach Party to satisfy the perverts.

I have no problem with preverts, I also have my moments, but I understand what he is saying about not allowing the core gameplay to be overshadowed by the perversion.

Perversion is a quick sell, but if they keep the game strictly about the fighting gameplay, in would have a loyal fan base.

3-4-51363d ago

The first game on Original Xbox was about was a fighting game.

Gamer19821363d ago

LOL he was okay to sell the early titles though with sex. Making the boobs huge on fighters that bounced realisticly etc.. Whether you agree with him or not I feel he is still sore abotu whatever happened over at Team Ninja.

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WickedLester1364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )

I agree with him. DOA basically represents everything I despise with the video game industry. It's time the industry grew up and stop producing juvenile garbage like this. If people want video games to start being recognized as a serious art form like books and film, crap games like DOA need to stop existing. This also goes for other franchises like Metal Gear, God of War, etc. I love those franchises but Clean up your act and stop using needless salacious scenes in your game to sell copies. It cheapens what otherwise are great games.

LightofDarkness1364d ago

That's like saying movies are all immature because movies like Snow Dogs or Porky's exist, or even just the annual "<insert genre> Movie" parodies. These games do not obscure the shining examples of art in the medium any more than the aforementioned detract from the merits of films like The Theory of Everything, for example.

loganbdh1364d ago

Whoa so your either gay or just a lonely gamer

AZRoboto1363d ago

Gay here, he's just a prude that doesn't watch TV, listen to music, or walk by the romance novel section at the grocery store.

annoyedgamer1364d ago

The same could be said for movies and books. Fifty Shades of Grey ring a bell?

Are_The_MaDNess1364d ago

meh, everyone loves boobs. all in all its a good fighting game with alot of depth. its easy to learn but hard to master.
im just happy that its finally coming out on PC next month!

i think all fighting games (all games in general really) should have clothing options like in DoA, i love it <3 you get to choose whatever you want no matter how skimpy it is. and who would judge you?

paradigmfellow1364d ago

You are completely disregarding several groups by saying that statement.

KaoSouL1364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )

He's only pissed because it was his money train, and he got derailed.

As erotic as DOA5: LR is, it doesn't even come close to the costumes and tit bounce seen in Tomonobu Itagaki;s versions of DOA1 and DOAX.

And hey guess what.... when girls jump around.... their tits bounce..... it's a fact, look it up. ;)

Devil's Third is NEVER coming out, and nobody gives a shit about it... The hype train died 4 years ago. He can blast DOA all he wants, it's not going to bring any good publicity to the outdated turd of a game he's wasted 5 years of his life developing.

Summons751364d ago

Devil's Third was revived by Nintendo and it looks great....

Redempteur1363d ago

Maybe , just "maybe" he should focus on "his" game it can be released in some form , before taking jabs at other people work that are actually releasing content in a timely manner ?

Just saying ....

reallyNow1363d ago

when i jump around, my tits bounce, too. Its not just girls.

Hoffmann1364d ago

Lets say... "this game found its audience..and the developers and the publisher know their audience"

As a fighting game fan who cares mostly about the gameplay and not virtual female characters I stick to other fighting games and don't support DOA though.

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