Four Things Bungie Should Add To Destiny

Entertainment Fuse: "Destiny is a game that has divided many people. Some have moved on. Repetitive missions, a lack of story and lots of grinding caused many to get bored or frustrated. Yet there seems to be many who are still playing Destiny. Running the raids, collecting shards and doing daily missions. For these people Destiny has its hooks in them. For some these hooks are deep and hard to get out.

Personally, I continue to play Destiny. Some of my friends, not all, also continue to play Destiny. I run the raids and wait every Friday for Xur’s appearance. Yet even though I am still playing Destiny I have issues with the game. Last year I wrote about the four biggest problems Destiny had. And Destiny still has problems. But at this point if you are still playing Destiny those problems probably don’t matter that much.

Instead I want to talk about five things I hope Bungie adds to Destiny in the future."

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gamer91386d ago

More. Loot.

Why didn’t they borrow from diablo or borderlands? Everyone is using the same guns and I haven’t changed up my armor or weaponry in a month. There’s no longer a reason to play the game, I can’t remember the last time I got something new and exciting. There are 15 year old games that do a better job of loot.

JeffGUNZ1386d ago

They need more PvE events. The queens wrath was a good idea, but implemented poorly. I don't want 8 Iron Banners and no PvE event.