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"The developer had a chance to fix some of the issues which held back the original, but instead they’ve opted more for a straight port. It’s nice to look at, has some great ideas and plenty of spirit; but that’s not enough for Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds to rival its more-accomplished competition."

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Hitman07691453d ago

This game looks as if a normal fighter, but then perhaps a bit more like a side scroller. I appreciate the reviewer going into details about gameplay. Personally, I think I'll still check this game out with my Review team and see what we think.

ContinuePlay1453d ago

If you need a contact for review codes, let me know :)

Benjammin251453d ago

Shame. Watched Totalbiscuit play this and it looked really good.

ContinuePlay1452d ago

We were looking forward to it too. Unfortunately, it suffers from all the same problems as the previous versions - a complete lack of difficulty, awkward collision detection, and a practically non-extistent length. Seriously, you really can complete it in 2 hours without dying.

Deadpool6161450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )


Passing up a possibly very AWESOME game based on this review? Funny how this review didn't compare this game to the highly sought after sega saturn classic "Guardian Heroes" or even the recent 3DS title "Code of Princess". In fact, they're are the same type of games. If you want to know if you'll like this type of game or not, then I recommend downloading the demo of Guardian Heroes HD on XBLA and give that a try. If you like Guardian Heroes HD, then you'll most likely enjoy Phantom Breaker.

Words of wisdom about choosing video games to purchase. Research what the game has to offer by yourself and make your mind. Otherwise, you might be missing out on a game that you love. Leaning on reviewers opinions is like relying on looking at a video game's front cover art in the NES era. The cover can look like cheesy garbage, but the game may be the most awesome game you ever play in your life. You wouldn't know until you try it yourself. You might get burned. You might find a winner. It's a Gamble, but it was your decision.

@ContinuePlay...gaming for 3 decades, huh? Damn! You must have failed the beat-em-up genre exam. I can tutor you, but you'll have to act like we're best friends for I can be in the popular crowd. Just until I get a date with Lara Croft at the prom for a little... ;) ;) *nudge/nudge* hubba/hubba