New SpongeBob HeroPants Screenshots Surface

New Spongebob game set to release in the US next week.

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vongruetz1388d ago

Saw the trailer for the movie the other day, and I'm actually interested in this game. It might not be as bad as I originally anticipated.

crusf1388d ago

...It's a Spongebob game man. Last decent Spongebob game was Battle for Bikini Bottom. So far the games have gone more downhill than the series.

vongruetz1387d ago

My dentist has that game playing constantly in the kids' waiting area. It's not bad at all.

FullmetalRoyale1388d ago

I remember my first krabby patty..

Sheed1388d ago

Isn't this being made by the same developers that made Naughty bear?
This is gunna be awful, it blows my mind that people still buy into this crap

captainexplosion1388d ago

I LOVE platforms on the Vita so I'm actually excited for this.