UTIII Review on Gameplayer - "The game that makes Halo look slow and lethargic"

Gameplayer has gone live with a review of Unreal Tournament III for its release on Xbox 360. They praise the old-school gameplay and speed of the combat and declare it a genuine alternative to Halo 3.

"Are you frustrated by multiplayer FPS games that put too much emphasis on accuracy and controlled bursts of fire? Or demand that you work as a team over headsets at all times to have a chance of success? Or worse still, make you sit on the side-lines waiting for minutes on end after being picked off by a sniper you never saw? If so, chances are that you're a veteran, brought up on the fast-paced frag-fests of Quake. And chances are Unreal Tournament III is the antidote to your Counter-Strike-itis: a pitch-perfect throwback to the origins of FPS multiplayer."

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SlappingOysters3754d ago

This smokes Halo out of the water.

I know that it is bungie day and all, but I find the combat in UT III to be so much faster, and it a lot harder to just camp it up and be a loser.

TheXgamerLive3754d ago

In many ways especially online Halo 3 was and is quite ground breaking.

SlappingOysters3754d ago

Yeah i still think Halo's online features -especially video sharing - is miles ahead of the rest of the game, I just find the combat too tierred between awesome, and so-so players

DFresh3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

I own UT3 and let me tell you that game sucks balls.
Graphics and game play might be amazing but the rest lame.
On the back cover of the game it's supposed to have a single player campaign but all it is is a training exercise to play online.
I was a fan of the series but this is just wack.

Multiplayer is hella fun though.
Plenty of modes to play online.

To be honest it's just the same multiplayer experience as Warhawk an I find Warhawk to be a lot funner in my opinion..

This game is really disappointed me as a fan and as a hardcore gamer.

My ranking of this game would be a 6 at best.