8 Most Difficult Games Ever Made

Not every video game is a piece of cake, sometimes they are hard, sometimes harder and sometimes the hardest. Difficult games come in multiple flavors, some games are ultra-hard but they respect the player and some games, they just plain hate you. For this list, we have chosen those games that are difficult even at lowest difficulty.

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faisalsheikh143237d ago

Dark souls was one of the most difficult game i played.

bouzebbal3237d ago

Batman & Robin on Megadrive (Genesis) is one of the most difficult games i have ever played and my all time favorite Batman game. If you don't trust me, finish level one without losing all your lives.

Highlife3237d ago

Battle toads was the hardest game I have ever played. I remember throwing my controller and its the only game that I took out of the nes and threw it at wall.

XBLSkull3236d ago

Was looking the whole time for Ninja Gaiden B/2, thought it was a BS list, until of course, it appeared as number 1.

nirwanda3236d ago

Back to the future part 3 on the megadrive was near impossible not to die within 30 seconds

nirwanda3236d ago

link to megadrive back to the future part 3, I worked in a game shop during at the time and played nearly every game, but never met anyone who could last longer than a minute.

bellome3236d ago

The hardest game i've ever played is maybe Rush 'n Attack on NES. One of my first games ever, still never finished it.


Battletoads was a great game, not so hard in my opinion but a lot of fun!

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nicksetzer13237d ago

Idk, for me dark souls was not nearly the hardest game I've played, certainly not #2.

blockcoc3237d ago

Your first souls game is always the hardest. Once you nail the mechanics in the first game you play will leave the other games feeling easier.

gamehunter3237d ago

it was little bit hard...

Nerdmaster3237d ago

Unfortunately Dark Souls is hard for the wrong reasons (e.g. your sword rebound on walls but the enemies attacks don't).

The_Devil_Hunter3236d ago

I agree, this game isnt really all that difficult, its the frustrating mechanics that make the game feel difficult, but the reality is that I have played way harder games than this all from the Sega Genesis and SUper Nintendo times. Hell Mega Man is harder than Dark Souls.

Dhampir3236d ago

Dark Souls difficulty is the exact same style as old 2d games, like megaman. A focus on pattern recognition and precision is all it is. But if your weapons are rebounding off walls, it's your own damn fault. Learn your weapons.

It's only frustrating for people who refuse to adapt and try to force their way.

xabmol3236d ago (Edited 3236d ago )


It was only difficult for those with no patience or skill.

It was a game for those who don't need and do not want their hands held. Those that don't cry for their mommies and need night lights.

DragonKnight3236d ago

Explain to me why you're trying to use a two-handed, horizontally swinging weapon in a narrow corridor and why that's a "wrong reason" the game is hard and not, rather, a reason you're playing the game wrong?

Did you know that if you swing a weapon against a wall in real life, the weapon will actually bounce off of it? I know, it sounds crazy but it's true.

nitus103236d ago

Well if you pick a long weapon such as a spear or halberd what do you expect. In narrow passages daggers, short swords, maces and don't forget your magic although the problem is deciding what magic to use, although any magic that takes over a second to cast is pretty useless unless you have a long corridor.

Pretty much all of "From Software" games required you to watch your stamina. This is probably off putting to gamers who are use to games that allowed you to have high speed slashing no matter what weapon you used.

Matching a weapon to your stamina and changing tactics in narrow spaces are much more true to life.

Nerdmaster3236d ago (Edited 3236d ago )

Emphasis on the "but the enemies attacks don't" part, please... People only listen to what it's convenient for them...
I'd have no problems with rebounding attacks if the same laws applied to the enemies. "Did you know that if you swing a weapon against a wall in real life, the weapon will actually bounce off of it?" - no, really?? But if in real life somebody tries to attack me swinging a weapon against a wall, because he's my enemy his attack will go through the wall?? If you're going to use "real life" to justify a game mechanic, then do it for every case, not just the ones you want to defend.
And why are you presuming that I was using a two handed sword? It happens with the freaking broken one handed sword in the beginning of the game.

Mega Man has pixel perfect controls. If you missed an attack or a jump, you knew it was your fault. Dark Souls, with its strange physics and controls, not so much.

People talk about "focus on pattern recognition and precision", "requires you to watch your stamina", like Id Software invented all this. You know another game that uses all this and still have solid controls and physics, and gets difficult for the right reasons? Monster Hunter.

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XanderZane3236d ago

The Super Star Wars games on the SNES were a pain in the rear. I know I never completed those games. I went back and tried them again years later and they were still impossible. Battletoads was a nightmare. Ninja Gaiden Black was pretty difficult as well. The first Megaman game was also pretty hard. Watch this. Too funny. I beat both Megaman and Megaman 2. The 2nd game was a lot easier.


Kevlar0093236d ago

Episode 5 is brutal. I remember playing it with some friends and we couldn't make it past the 3rd level, inside the bar.

nitus103236d ago

IMHO the Sega version of Ghost n goblins was harder than the SNES one but no matter which platform that game was brutal.

JsonHenry3236d ago

I feel this list should have contained nothing but NES games on it, lol.

TheSaint3236d ago

Eh, Demons Souls was harder.

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cyberblackdeals3237d ago

nah i think dark souls was not that difficult

Mikefizzled3237d ago

Dark Souls is a 3rd person strategy game.

xabmol3236d ago

I can see why you would say that, but respectfully disagree. (although I did click agree)

To label this a "strategy game," you would need to relabel entire generas. I mean everything could be a strategy game by your definition. Because they all require, at least, some strategy.

Bimkoblerutso3236d ago

Well, strictly speaking I have to say that the other games on that list are probably harder than the Souls games. But the Souls games have always had the RIGHT type of difficulty in my opinion. It's the kind that lays out it's mechanics and lets you gradually get better and better at it. There's little to no "cheap" difficulty tactics in the Souls games. It's just you're good at it, or you need to get better.

Old-school games like Battletoads and Contra are much more trial-and-error by comparison.

slayer2543237d ago

I played contra in my childhood and remember I was never ever able to complete it...

cyberblackdeals3237d ago

You were newbie and i think you still are

slayer2543237d ago

lol...you try for yourself once and see.....