Hands On With HoloLens And Augmented Reality Minecraft

“Is it real?” I ask. I’m looking around at the landscape of Mars, where a dusty, rocky desert stretches in every direction, reddish mountains rising in the distance. It looks so vivid, so strangely plausible that it’s hard to believe that I’m actually looking at the surface of another planet and not the set of a sci-fi movie.

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Dewitt2931d ago

This article answers quite a few questions about the technology.

You can use a mouse and pull the pointer into the AR space.

You can choose where you do not want holographic images displayed.

You can actually walk around your creations and to see them up close.

telekineticmantis2931d ago

I really want this, it may be better than a laptop, I wonder how much itll cost.

BC_Master_Haze2931d ago

I wonder if they'll ever make pocket sized PCs capable of running this kind of AR on the go, built into smartphones this could be a phone seller for MS.

LexHazard792931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

That would be cool on a smartphone. Imagine answering your phone a hologram of that person just popped up.

Muzikguy2931d ago

This is probably the sole reason Microsoft paid for Minecraft

jrshankill2931d ago

And what a fine decision it was. Minecraft looks absolutely mind blowing with this tech.

DragonbornZ2931d ago

This sounds too cool to be true lol. I'm looking around my room right now picturing how a minecraft world would look in here. Villages on my desk, caves under my bed, etc. I feel like a kid excited for a new toy haha. I absolutely cannot wait for this!

Also if you're an anime fan who's interested in HoloLens check out the anime "Dennou Coil"
An anime with a wonderful art style about a world that's adapted augmented reality. Hopefully we'll be able to achieve this down the road.

Moldiver2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

yeah...and imagine how kids who play minecraft will react to this! This will be like lego but on a whole new level. They will build whole play spaces for themselves. The kind that we only imagined as kids but could never see with our own eyes. It might sound boring, but I would love a holographic chess game. Or maybe a new black and white game. Could you imagine standing over your village and slapping your pet beast with you own hand instead of swiping with a mouse? thay could even make the NPCs actually see you..this towering god of their world.

"The man points out a distant rock, and suggests that I tag it, so that the Rover can analyze it with its ChemCam laser, something he says NASA will actually be able to do via the HoloLens. I hold my arm out within my field of vision, lifting and retracting my index finger like that little kid from The Shining, a gesture they call air-tapping. It plants a flag on Mars."

Wow. this tech has implications far beyond gaming. Science, art, productivity..the way we do these things will change, once this tech goes mainstream. Im am personally excited about the idea of shaping sound waveforms with my hands. It will change the way sound engineers and musicians create, forever.

Gotcha52931d ago

Since the Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet is the official Tablet of the NFL just imagine MS integrating the HoloLen Headset into NFL experiences Fantasy Football live in real-time like a players name and jersey number highlighted over a player Head or pull up a player stats or Skype a friend from the game.

DragonbornZ2931d ago

As a kid who plays minecraft and builds places everyday in Roblox, my little bro is gonna flip when I show him this haha.
Hell, i'm flipping already. And yeah it's going to be CRAZY seeing how the device will be implemented into future applications with gaming, but outside of it too. I hadn't even thought about this in a audio standpoint. There's a ton of possibilities.
Check out the HoloLens Mars vid:

@Gotcha5 I hadn't even thought about that either lol. That could be really big for MS and for sport fans in general. It could probably even expand to cable/satelite tv where Timewarner, Insight, Comcast have their own features associated with the tech. I could also see this being adopted into movie theaters to provide new experiences with a selling point of offering something way beyond what RealD 3D has provided.

medman2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

"This sounds too cool to be true lol"...that is my fear, precisely. I can't help but remember how cool kinect was back when it was project natal and we all got a look at milo....damn peter molyneux, damn you. I can only hope Microsoft is not over promising again. I really want VR and AR to be great, not just meh.

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mhunterjr2931d ago

This sounds too cool. I don't think it would lend itself well to traditional games... But the creative types will create totally new experiences with it.

Bigpappy2931d ago

I still don't know if it's for me. I will have to try it to know if it is something I want to invest my time and money in. We shall see. I am impressed by the tech though. I just n
To use it to be convinced it is for me.

I need more info on DX12 and how developers plan to use it to do new things in the gaming world.

remixx1162931d ago

This plus project spark equals gold.

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