Game Theory Explains How Pokemon Actually Exist in a Multiverse

CraveOnline: "Pokemon X & Y introduced Mega Evolution to the series, a new feature which allowed players to transform the likes of Lucario, Mewtwo and Charizard into much more powerful versions of themselves. However, completing last year’s Pokemon Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire, reworkings of the classic Game Boy Advance titles, made the ‘Delta Episode’ available to players, end-game content which saw Mega Evolutions taking center stage once again."

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shaw982678d ago

This guy is so full of crap. He steals theories and calls them his own. Most of them are bull carp inaccurate. Then you got his fanboys that force "his" theories on you.

WizzroSupreme2678d ago

He never claimed they were his own; he merely researches and presents them with his own take.

shaw982678d ago

Though he never says it is his, in the professional world, if you don't list your sources then you are considered plagiarising. If he is getting info from other people that has done the topic before him and is using it then he is still stealing. My friend is one of those victims. That famous Rosalina theory? Ya, my friend made that in 2010. He did not get any credit for it and now GT is getting all the praise.


Next thing you know he is going to steal my theories and get thousands in ad revenue. The guy won't even answer my friend. His facebook is lifeless and when people praise him he responds back. But when it is an important question? Nope, ignored.

You may find it ok because you are just viewing it. But as for theorists like me, it is sickening for the creators to get no credit.

WizzroSupreme2678d ago

Wow. That's something else. Maybe Ash is actually a 45 year-old in an alternate universe, then?