8 Games That Need a Next-Gen Makeover

It is a fact that, 2014 has been filled to the brim with PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 games getting re-released on the PS4/Xbox One. It is a great way to relive some of your old favorites. Now this thing is also happening to the next generation of consoles. These remastered games will inspire gamers to explore titles they missed the first time around.

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faisalsheikh143238d ago

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings and Bulletstorm should be makeover.. i need that on PS4

thekhurg3238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

No more HD remakes. It's time for new games with proper next-gen treatment.

nagalaga313238d ago

I had no previous gen console and my PC is shit. I want those remakes.

gamehunter3238d ago

agreed with u i want remake

ravencry3238d ago

LOL. its really your fault cause you should buyed a pc along with consoles you own.

cuz i have all the games i own on steam forever.

"ps now" paying for games you already once owned on your broken ps3.

slayer2543238d ago

Skyrim is an epic game it should be released on PS4 with some good new content

Hellsvacancy3238d ago

I very much enjoyed Skyrim, it's the loading screens that killed it for me, I couldn't finish the dlc for that reason, aswel as some other minor reasons, I would hope to see a better improved version in the next couple of years

And yes, I do VERY much want newer games, Fallout 4 etc, but I still have love for older games, I still play Populous The Beginning

thekhurg3238d ago

Loading screens will undoubtedly continue to plague the series. Gamebyro is in their DNA now, and even when they built the creation engine for Skyrim they kept everything that was the foundation for Gamebyro.

MrSwankSinatra3238d ago

Skyward Sword and Twilight Princess DESERVE an HD makeover. Those games were held back by the fact the wii was only SD.

FromTheAshes3238d ago

Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction. The game was groundbreaking nearly a decade ago and with today's processing power it would be a nice coat of eye candy to accompany the gameplay.

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Christopher130d ago

"And lastly, famous Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling helped to create the action-RPG’s setting. What’s really fascinating, though, is that the game was partially financed by taxpayers from Rhode Island (which allegedly lost the state millions of dollars). Yikes!"

1. Now infamous Schilling
2. No allegedly, it did. And they couldn't pay it back.
3. What really lost the money wasn't the SP release but the MMO they were working on. This was supposed to be an introduction into the MMO world.

Soy130d ago

I hate counting limited editions for these lists. I mean, they're made to be rare and expensive. It's far more interesting to hear about the NCAAs (even if most people know that one already) and the El Chavos than some massive hit that came with a $200 statue at retail.

gamerz130d ago

Me too. Here's the best I can do:

El Chavo Kart $90.14
NCAA Football 14 $87.72
Spiderman: Edge of Time $75.94
Spiderman Web of Shadows $75.09
Spiderman: Shattered Dimensions $67.76