One Thing Sony Just Can’t Get Right

Sony Online Entertainment's lack of community involvement is just something that needs to be seen to and perhaps fixed across the gaming industry as a whole.

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Maxor1418d ago

Pay to win is the least of this game's problems. The biggest problem is that there is no point in winning.

W0nderer1418d ago

Nope its a paid for game.

W0nderer1418d ago

Yea. And the game had so much potential.

Gears_President1418d ago

Okay thanks, I didnt even know it was out yet.

Maxor1418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

I don't care what their business model is because right now it doesn't matter. The biggest problem with the game is the lack of real innovation in the genre.

Players in DayZ clones goes through a certain life cycle.

1. Gather enough necessities to keep yourself live.
2. Gather or craft weapons to keep yourself alive.
3. When 1 and 2 are satisfied there is nothing to do by gank defenseless noobs because there is nothing else to do.

The problem with H1Z1 any all the Day Z clones is that there isn't any alternative to number 3. There isn't any reason to stay alive other than so you can murder people and take their shit. There is no real goal to work toward.

caseh1418d ago

"The biggest problem is that there is no point in winning."

I don't know about with this game, but with other P2W games there is usually a leaderboard/ranking/event of some kind. The higher you finish, the more freebies you get. Freebies you would normally have to pay real cash for.

The incentive is quite cunning, but not all games do it.

DLConspiracy1418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

The journey is often the reward. You could play this game 50 million times and have a unique individual experience every time. The interaction and choice is unbound. Plus it runs 10x smoother than DayZ that's for sure. If you played both you would know this.

I think this whole pay to win thing is a bit overboard. Especially for a game that has been working really hard on its updates. Something a lot of these early access games don't do. At no point have I felt the need to buy anything. A single makeshift bow crafted and harvested anywhere on the map can kill someone with a single arrow to the head and its fun to do.

The game is not for everyone. The interaction, laughs and experiences make the game fun.

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Trinityzn1418d ago

SOE is seriously late to the zombie survival genre, as its on its way out. I can't wait to see what the next genre will be, I'm tired of zombie survivals.

OculusRift1418d ago

Do you know what they say about opinions right?

BOBN4G1418d ago

H1Z1 is reportedly going to be free-to-play upon official release. No point in even paying the $20 for early access.

As for Sony, they should take a page out of SEGA's book (A:CM). Misleading gamers never pays off.

DeMoNiK_ZA1418d ago

A game should either be free to play or a paid for product. Trying to skittle down the line between the two ends up causing more harm than good.

il-JumperMT1418d ago

f2p games are crap. Only Valve can make great F2P Games.

GrIdL0cK1418d ago

Maybe it's time for someone else to step up to the plate. Don't get something like Heroes of the Storm.

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