10 Things That Microsoft Should Have Done With Xbox One Against PS4

Xbox One is losing to Sony in the next-gen console battle at least as far as sales so far go the war is far from over. Microsoft looks to be on a mission to refine its vision for the Xbox One against PS4. Here are some suggestions that Microsoft should have done in order to beat Sony’s console.

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waleed1253240d ago

agree with controller design and batteries it should have been changed by now

lifeisgamesok3240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

The dual shock doesn't last long at all though. You should get a charge kit they're $25 for unlimited gaming

The controller design is perfect

The updates have mostly been meaningful adding new features every month

Install times could be improved

The games on Xbox One are greatness

qwerty6763240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

it goes both ways i guess

right now i eat through batteries like its nothing with my xb1 controller, if im gaming a lot they last me about 2 days, but thats when i put in heavy gaming sessions with my mic

will def buy that charge kit soon.

DS4 im guessing probably doesnt hold a charge that long or at least the same as batteries. and like everything every time you recharge it losses some of its life, and having it power a mic/headset? probably eats up juice like its nothing.

idk though, i guess having the option is better, but batteries do feel like a thing of the past.

Gazondaily3240d ago

The battery is not a problem for me at all. I have rechargeable batteries and the controller has an incredible battery life. I much prefer that setup to the DS4.

The controller design isn't perfect. The bumpers are hard to press. D-pad is nice but no where near as good as the DS4. The vibration seems so strong that it busted my chat headset already.

Updates are good yeah.

Install times are a joke.

The games are good so far.

lemoncake3240d ago

The charge kit is the way to go, it would have been great if that rechargeable battery came with the console but I do prefer having the battery being removable and replaceable.

GameSpawn3240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )


The DualShocks (3 & 4) use Lithium Ion batteries. NiCads are the types that have issues with overcharging and memory issues.

Lithium batteries (at least modern ones) cannot overcharge as they incorporate circuitry to stop the charging to prolong the life of the battery. What kills Lithium batteries (and any rechargeable) is corrosion. No battery is perfectly sealed and air and moisture work their way in and cause corrosion on the individual "cells" of the battery; the corrosion prevents proper current flow leading to decreased capacity of the battery. So TIME kills Lithium Ions, not use (they're going to corrode if you use them or not). Also Lithium batteries per gram deliver more Watts of power than NiCad - which is why Laptops, phones, power tools, electric cars, and damn near every wireless device uses Lithium. The pros outweigh the cons.

The DS4's battery life issue is because they chose to use a 800mAH battery. They could have fit up to a 2000mAH battery without changing the profile or weight much. You can upgrade the battery after market, though.

gamehunter3240d ago

All is good; byt not much titles... Just 3 or 4 good

gamehunter3240d ago

All others are good but not much titles just 3 or 4 good exclusive titles

nowitzki20043240d ago

I have my current DS4 for over a year. Works perfect, I dropped it numerous times.

I went through so many charge kits for the 360 it was sick. Those things would just stop working and then it would have to be plugged in until I got a new battery for it, so it was basically a wired controller.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen3240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

The charge lasts for about two hours on the DS4 and the only thing you would need to increase the battery life is to change the internal battery or buy a longer micro USB cable. You can get a ten foot micro USB to USB male to male cable for less than 10 dollars. I just swap the controller out and keep on playing. Cheaper than buying batteries every month and cheaper than buying a play & charge kit.

Magicite3240d ago

what games? the same u can or will be able to play on PC with proper fps/resolution?

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Immorals3240d ago

Best controller this gen imo.

Also, batteries are a good choice. Swappable batteries > fixed.

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BallsEye3240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

XO controller is by far the best controller I've ever used. Amazing how thumbsticks are still in perfect shape after using every day for months while on ps4 ds thumbsticks get chipped off super fast.
As for charge kit, I just don't get you guys. I've bought play & charge kit for XO recently and it was such a waste of money...controller dies? Need to connect the damn usb cable and play wired for the thing to charge. With people and my dogs walking around, cable always get's pulled!
I went back to rechargable batteries as it's so much better. I always have few batteries charged, if controller is about to die, I fast swap my batteries and BAM I'm back in wireless game while used up batteries are charging. I just don't understand why anyone would preffer play&charge kit. Give me atleast one pro.

LexHazard793240d ago

I'm glad they have battery option. For $20 which is less than the Xbox One play and charge kit, I picked up a Energizer Recharge kit(came with two batteries). Those batteries last me a couple weeks or more on one charge and doing moderate gaming sessions. I ended up buy a 4pk Duracells with more juice and no lie those batterries last for like almost a month. So options are always good. The controller has being improved in some areas and still might not be as tech savy as DS4 but still my favorite controller.

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slayer2543240d ago

Microsoft should do, but they are not doing thats the problem

faisalsheikh143240d ago

There should be more exclusive games for Xbox One in 2015

slayer2543240d ago

whatever they do..but they cannot beat the PlayStation popularity now

nowitzki20043240d ago

They never could. America and UK are just a couple territories in this big f'en HUGE world.

DarkOcelet3240d ago

Lets not dwell in the past and concentrate on the days ahead. They are improving their status and they have learned their mistakes and hopefully they make sure they dont do it again.

gamehunter3240d ago

Im 360 user and now have xbox one... And they need to improvement in some placese. Hopy they go with it.

Software_Lover3240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )


This post was meant for another article I don't know how my tablet put it here. Mods can you delete this.

Why o why3240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

Interesting but I think games do matter. Gaming on the xbox and ps didn't start this gen. People saw each company's consistency last gen so that may of made many peoples minds up. Sony released more ips and achieved more exclusive goty's despite having a year less than Ms. Ignoring that would be silly imo

Edit, you ninja smoked me with your 'BIG EDIT'......smh.