The Top 10 Most Challenging Achievements for Xbox One

Chris has delved through the archives and come up with this list of what we think are the 10 most challenging achievements for games on Xbox One currently with details on how to complete each one.

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DarkOcelet2383d ago

Tomb Raider Deadeye achievement was problematic, i killed over 50 guys and it never popped. Had to replay the game for it on the X360, i see they didnt patch it for the Xone too.

Call of duty AW throwing a door at someone was pretty easy, i got it easily. Not hard

Alien Isolation Maintainance jack achievement was actually pretty cool rather than hard.

DAI achievement was abit creative rather than hard.

Thief Finders keepers achievement was more tedious than hard and i really thought the game was fun, dont know why people hated it so much.

Sleeping Dogs Slap in the face achievement was hilarious and extremely easy to get lol.

Half the list is extremely easy, i cant talk about the other half because i didnt play those games yet. The Evil Within Akumu mode achievement should be there. Good luck finishing that. Chapter 6 no upgrades is hell. Still have to finish this speedrun.

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IrishSt0ner2383d ago

Watch_Dogs - Complete level 10 on all drinking games (before they patched it to become easy). I was one of the few morons who done it after many MANY hours.

Kingdomcome2472382d ago

Social Lubricant. Terrible achievement for little reward.

JVC062382d ago

Flawless Raider from Destiny not even in the list?

webmednet2382d ago

You can please some of the people some of the time :) - Constructive feedback always welcome! :)