Human Element studio shuts down as game goes on hiatus

With founder Robert Bowling unable to find a publisher for Human Element, developer Robotoki has shut down.

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gamerlive1458d ago

He should have stayed at Activision.

3-4-51458d ago

* So he had bad ideas for COD at Activision, Bad Ouya ideas, can't get his own game going because his studio is shut down.....

Maybe he shouldn't make games.

famoussasjohn1457d ago

More like he should have stuck with the original idea he had for his game before completely revamping it that he advertised himself. It was supposed to be a somewhat dark survival game that was then changed to something else entirely different.

ScorpiusX1458d ago

Maybe see if he can get [email protected] to help or get Spencer to fund or buy .

Blank1458d ago

Eee! Well that was a stint that went for few years for nothing. He shouldve not put some of his eggs in the Ouya basket, but ill still wish him well hell I think he should just go back to community stuff. He tried riding on his "im an ex call of duty dude" im guessing the publishers just werent interested much less other gamers because how many zombie games are out there??

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