Human Element Dev Ceases Operations, Development on Hiatus

Remember Human Element? The class-based, zombie apocalypse game from Robert Bowling who served as the creative strategist and community manager for Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty franchise? As it turns out, Bowling’s studio Robotoki has shut down.

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SaveFerris1954d ago

I guess Robotoki now lacks the 'Human Element' eh?

I'll get me coat.

Mikefizzled1953d ago

Shouldn't have given such a different impression of your game then. You described it as a gritty visceral apocalypse survival based on keeping the human element alive. Instead you made a cartoony Mad Max multiplayer shooter. I cannot understand what on earth happened.

qwertyone1953d ago

Well i guess this is a good thing, what they showed and what the described was not even close to each other.

telekineticmantis1953d ago

I thought their game looked interesting.

tigertron1953d ago

That sucks, it looked promising...

Sevir1952d ago

I guess. I feel bad the studio shut down, but the vision for the game changed completely. Definitely wasn't what it was originally announced to be.