Halo: Combat Evolved - v1.0.7 Hotfix Patch Available Now

WorthPlaying reports: Microsoft has released a new patch for Gearbox/Bungie's first person shooter Halo: Combat Evolved. This upgrade brings your Halo retail to and addresses the exploit currently being abused to make Halo servers unresponsive.

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mepsipax5825d ago

I remember when Halo was being made as a PC game, I remember watching it's diffrent stages of evolution, and then I remember Microsoft saying you have to release it on the xbox, sure it came out on PC, but I still never bought it for either, when I finally did buy it, I was unimpressed, here's thinking it was a singleplayer game, but nope, it was multiplayer, sure I had a few laughs playing multiplayer, but mplayer is never enough to make a game legendary, what happens in all unlikelyhood that the internet goes down, what will you have then, a boring bland generic FPS , sorry for the rant on halo but it is just such a generic game that I never got why it was hyped up so much.

chasuk085825d ago

As much as i hate xbox this game is a classic, its so much fun online.

Sayai jin5825d ago

The original Halo did not have a lot of hype. It was a new IP from a new console maker, no hype. Thats not to say that Halo 2 did not have hype, but thats becuase of the first one being a very good game. Whether you like Halo (series) or not, there was super amount of hype for Halo 3. Let's forget about whether the game deserved it or not, becuase that arguement is a no win debate, but I think all console makers should hype there big blockbusters like this. I think it gives fans something to cheer for and it tells the dev thanks in so many ways.

Delt45825d ago

its funny you say you watched its early stages of development cause i seriously doubt it. I mean come on the original trailer from E3 2002 looked so dumb. It even has freaking dinosaurs. lol. No seriously look. This is the trailer

dhammalama5825d ago

2 and 3 were good too, but they weren't nearly as good as they were hyped up to be, most of all 3.

chasuk085825d ago

I agree halo 1 was the best, and most of the maps on halo 3 are re hashed versions of halo combat evolved

mepsipax5825d ago (Edited 5825d ago )

I loved the multiplayer, don't get me wrong I said that up there, I was dissapointed in how repetitive and arcady the singleplayer was, and nobody tell me this wasn't hyped, this game was hyped, majorly, this was not a sleeper hit this was a big AAA title.
edit: and delta I mean when Halo was actually being made as an rts back in the late 90's, so yeah, I'm talking about PC development, most of you must know that this was going to be a big PC game but Microsoft wanted a big AAA title for it's new beast so they told bungie to make it on xbox.

Vecta5825d ago

Yeah you obviously followed it considering this game was originally being made by Bungie for Macs exclusively...as an RTS, then they changed it to FPS and Microsoft bought Bungie for it. And for it times it was the best FPS on any console or PC.

thereapersson5824d ago

Halo 1 is still the best Halo game, IMO. I remember playing that game for hours on end.

LJWooly5824d ago

I think Halo 1 lived up to expectations, but wasn't a "revolution" in console FPS like an awful lot would have you believe.
It's Halo 2 that was overhyped, and Halo 3 which not only didn't deserve half the hype it got, but the review scores are just blown out of proportion to an abysmal degree. Halo 3's critical reception was an absolute shambles.

ukilnme5824d ago

I see it is never too late to hate on Halo. I don't feel that any of them were overrated or over hyped. MS did their job to generate sales. As for the reviews, those are opinions just like ours and my opinion is that the series deserved all of the hype and praise that it received.

MasterChief28295824d ago (Edited 5824d ago )

It was a great Single Player and Multiplayer Game. In fact, it had Co-Op, which was a huge deal back then. I don't see what you think is so bad about the story mode, tons of enemies on screen for that time, great graphics for it's time, really deep story that eventually got many different books and such, and fun gameplay - especially with a friend on Co-Op.

mepsipax5824d ago

Hey vecta, what the hell are you talking about, while halo was revealed at a macworld event, they announced that it would be released simultaneously on Windows and Mac OS, so yeah, but Microsoft bought bungie out in 00' and made them develop it exclusively for their hog, and during this process it stopped being an RTS and was turned into the arcade shooter we have today, guys, I don't hate Halo, I liked it, but to say the first one didn't have any hype you guys are lying, tons of hype was being generated back in 1999 and up to it's release, and while I have said my reasons for hating Halo, (poor singleplayer, multiplayer is not of interest for me) all you say is "I love Halo" why must I ask you is it so great? sure it's perfectly balanced, good graphics and sharp controls, but where does it innovate? someone tell me why it is so deserving of this "legendary" or "epic" title, Halo isn't epic, the only reason you people call it epic is because you hear the orchestrated music, and you think wow, this is epic.

ukilnme5824d ago

@ mepsipax

Just move on. You don't have to explain any more. It is what it is. A huge success.

syanara5824d ago

I love halo CE and i don't mean combat evolved i mean custom edition basically it was halo 3 for the pc cause it had everything halo 3 had

madmike5824d ago

but your a really big sony ps3 lover and every game for the ps3 is the best. it makes me laugh that you think that halo one of the best shooters of all time and you say its sh.t i got to say it pal your a sheep

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TheDeadMetalhead5825d ago

And HOW MANY years has this game been out?

Sayai jin5825d ago (Edited 5825d ago )

It's been put for a while, but that shows you how many people still enjoy it. It;s become one of the classics by many.

Honestly I have not played it for many a moon. I am too busy playing MGS4, GTA 4, and Gears of War (gotta get my skills up for GEOW2).

chasuk085825d ago

Really its down to the fact that its the only halo game that suits gamers on pc, as you need vista for halo 2 and gamers hate vista.

mperdomo5825d ago

wow i havent seen an update for this game in years :O

Bnet3435825d ago

First BF2, now this? Weird ... but always welcomed

DevonTheDude5355825d ago

Why are people talking about Halo online play that was introduced in Halo 2. Since when is a patch for a 2003 PC game relavent in 2008?

Delt45825d ago

Probably because people are still playing that Halo game. Just a thought 8)

Charmers5825d ago

Well no one bothered with Halo 2 on the PC since MS in it's wonderful wisdom made it Vista only. Yes I know you could hack it to get it working in XP but very few bothered. I really don't know why any pc gamer is still playing Halo to be honest, there are far superior online fps shooters out there, but I guess it takes all sorts these days.