Wal-Mart's PS3 Customer's Choice Bundle

Even though the PS3 is currently out of stock at most stores across the country, Wal-Mart has created a bundle worth $1,421.98.

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Geohound4338d ago

98 cents? F#*k you Wal-mart.

MicroGamer4338d ago

They assume that you will automatically want every launch title right away, which some gamers might, but they will want to spread the purchase out instead of dropping $1500 all at once. 360 only has an attach rate of 5.2 after a year on the market. An attach rate of 13 2 weeks after launch is too much.

FadeToBlack4338d ago

There is one born everyday!

dbug3604338d ago

hehehehe you made my day with that comment but than again maybe its Because im drunk

Sphinx4338d ago

That's hilarious. I hate how they try to call it convenient, when all they want is more money. Whatever Wal-Mart... but how many people dropped $1,500 plus for just the PS3 on eBay? This will sell... unless the mass public know about the crap these launch titles are.

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