The Order 1886 Trophy List Revealed

Here is the trophy list for The Order 1886 on PS4.
22 trophies in total.

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Relientk772436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

22 trophies seems kinda low?

And these trophies don't seem that bad, I'll probably be most of them if not all

*Edit: get most

guyman2436d ago

I don't see any "complete this chapter" or "complete game". Maybe they kept those back to avoid spoilers?

TheJacksonRGN2434d ago

It clearly says beat the game on any difficulty for the second trophy.

Rimeskeem2436d ago

It is a story only game so that might impede on the amount of trophies it can have

Jaqen_Hghar2436d ago

All Playstation trophy lists have the same value of trophies. A man can't remember the exact formula but basically the more bronze you have the more trophies you have to have overall. You'll notice a lot of gold trophies and silver ones on this and TLoU's trophy lists. You'll also notice the low overall trophy count for each. That's because Gold and Silver are worth more on your profile (you know, the level on your PSN card). A game like Deadly Premonition however has a ton of trophies but basically all of them are bronze.

Dawknight3162436d ago

Look at the Last of Us trophy list.

trenso12436d ago

there is deff more none of the bronze are showing which is probably because they are all story related

LordMaim2436d ago

Not sure that I buy this list as accurate at this point. It seems a little generic.

Magicite2436d ago

I just hope this game will have some kind of hardmode, I havent played hard TPS since like forever.

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Hakoom2436d ago

very easy trophy list can be completed in 1 playthrough i gues
might be a 10~15h plat depending on the game length

Clover9042436d ago

Depends on the length of the campaign. If these are all the trophies then it'll be an easy platinum indeed. A gold trophy for beating the game on any difficulty? Too easy.

URNightmare2436d ago

"A Knight No More"


pixelsword2436d ago

Maybe you get to kill Batman...

Jaqen_Hghar2436d ago

lol give this man the funny bubbles people. Had a man chuckling

DarkOcelet2436d ago

I guess Galahad rebels against The Order after someones from the three members dies or something, thats not a spoiler but i feel the girl will die. Somebody has to die on those kind of games.

ABizzel12436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

Usually it's the woman, because she's a love interest and it makes it easy, but I'm going with the old man and father figure.

That or he finds out some kind of shocking twist, like the Order are keeping the lycans around to fuel the war and keep the feud going.

Here's to hoping we're both wrong and there aren't any story cliches in it.

DarkOcelet2436d ago

I really hope you dont kill the old man or make him evil. No one should kill a person with such an epic beard. But it seems all odds are against him, especially in the last two demos. In one we see him get shot before closing the door and in the other, a person tells him The Order will not be backing him up. Why him? Why not them? Raises alot of questions.

JMaine5182436d ago

This seems like a easy plat. Like mentioned above maybe the chapter trophies are hidden but if not that's cool.

Hakoom2436d ago

you can change the filter to show the hidden trophies
but there is only 1 which is finish the game

Dawknight3162436d ago

Look at the Last of Us trophy list

isa_scout2436d ago

Well at least we know there are at least 10 lycans in the game. I'm glad they haven't shown much as it leaves it to the imagination. I will definitely be picking this up. Even if the gameplay is lacking the atmosphere and story should be top notch.

SonyOnly42436d ago

Yes exactly I find it pretty sad people are trying to downplay this game before it is even out, There is a reason they aren't showing of those lycans too much and from what I have read the game seems to be partly a horror game.
in horror movie trailers they don't show the scariest bits in their trailers for the same reason Ready at dawn won't for their game, to shock you and make the first appearance remembered.

DarkOcelet2436d ago

I think there will be much more than 10. The devs said they will become common enemy later in the game. My guess is that you can choose to fight or flee just like the Big daddies in Bioshock.

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