Syphon Filter Dev: New Game Would Have To Be "Fresh"; Mentions Reboot, Genre Expansion & Storyline

In a recent Q&A session, Syphon Filter 3's Lead Designer Jeff Ross offered his personal view on where a new Syphon Filter game would go, should it ever be made.

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DarkOcelet3477d ago

Come on, Say it already.... People have been dying to play as Gabe again. The guy is seriously an underrated protagonist. I really could use a Syphon Filter Reboot.

"Gabrielle Logan, Where are you?"
"But what about the Serum... Leave nothing"

The silo mission was a Bi#$/

chrish19903477d ago

It'd make ubi buck up their ideas with sam fisher and splinter cell, thats for sure.

DarkOcelet3477d ago

Syphon Filter Dark mirror was superb for a PSP. Imagine what they can do with the PS4. Syphon filter one some extremely awesome set pieces. We had the train sequence which was epic and the one in the prison which was effin hard but awesome and the soundtrack. I really hope Sony Bend make it.

Relientk773477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

We want Syphon Filter PS4

*Edit: and don't forget the taser :-)

Gamesgbkiller3477d ago

The sound it makes is WONDERFUL!!

DarkOcelet3477d ago

Also the sound when Gabe rolls, it was cool.

DarkOcelet3477d ago

Used to burn them to death lol. It was so awesome.

bigboss203477d ago

I would love to see syphon filter again I didn't like the PSP ones though but the 3 games on ps1 have a large place in my heart I really want it back for ps4 :D would love to gear up the silenced 9mm pistol and taser & flackjacket lol :D

Gamesgbkiller3477d ago

I loved the PSP games more.

The Multiplayer was really good.

I loved how you can make levels in the Only online game.

nidhogg3477d ago

I have to disagree with this. Dark Mirror had one of the damning revelations. And the last boss fight was fun haha.

SaveFerris3477d ago

It was all about the taser and Gabe's running style.

DarkOcelet3477d ago

You are the Stale. SF was a beast.

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Days Gone Director Says Bend's Project Costs Over $250M; Says PS Co-CEO Doesn't Want 2 Zombies Games

Days Gone director claims Sony has already poured in at least a $250M in Bend's project; says Days Gone sold more than Death Stranding.

shinoff218352d ago

Well that sucks. Seems they want more online trash. I'd rather of had the sequel if it was single player

MrNinosan52d ago

What online trash games did PS Studios release last 10 years?

Notellin52d ago

The past has nothing to do with the future. This is such a terrible argument. Everyone knows about their current live service push.

_SilverHawk_52d ago

It's so tragic what happened to days gone. It is such an amazing game but bandwagoners trashed it and it underperformed in it's launch year. Days gone is the best open world zombie game released in the past five years. I was recently playing it on pc and I'm still amazed by it.

Games are very expensive to make and it seems like it's normal for a AAA game to cost over a quarter billion to make so if a quality game like days gone greatly underperforms then people shouldn't be upset when they see a lot of GAAS. I still remember a lot of bandwagoners calling days gone trash but years later it's now amazing when it's considered a failure by sony.

If a game isn't the best thing seen since hats with pockets then a lot of gamers who haven't played it automatically calls it rubbish and whoever made it should be incarcerated

Cacabunga52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

Co CEO prefers gamers to boycott.. so be it. I’ll never buy a gaas.
Just imagine buying a game you cannot replay in some years.. this shit must stop.

Days Gone did zombies in a very original way. The story was also so engaging. You actually only meet Zombie hordes later in the game. There are many more enemy groups to deal with.

MrNinosan52d ago

I am one of the few who bought Days Gone on release day and loved it completely.
However, "more online trash" is phrased like Sony has put out alot of trash online games.
We got what, 2 games? Helldivers 2 and GT7, 2 of the most sold Playstation games where both is loved by millions.

You, me and especially shinoff has no idea if Fairgames, Marathon and Concord will be trash.

Just because we (as in you and me) don't love or support online games, doesn't mean millions of other do.

And we don't know what Bend Studio is working with? We don't know if they're forced to make a online game or another amazing single player experience.

The only thing we do know is that it's not Days Gone, sadly due to poor sales the first 6 months.

shinoff218352d ago (Edited 52d ago )

More online trash wasmt meant how insee it comes across. I should've worded it different I was meaning the focus they currently have on it.

Anything online is online trash to me. How long did naughty dog spend on that dumba last of us multiplayer, how about Concord, or even the other couple we hear about. I fk with Sony because rpgs and their 1st party single player games. Been like that for years. I hate seeing them waste time, money, and talent on trash. I understand bot every game is gonna be for me but this focus they've seem to had on multiplayer is extremely disheartening. Even at the state of play the only things I was really feeling were Astrobot and silent hill 2 and I'm content with that, not everything is for me. It's just the online focus I hate. Ms bought up 3 to 4 wrpgs developers, Sony just ignores rpgs 1st party wise.

And a days gone 2 would've been much better then whatever online sht bend is working on. I do know sometimes I get very idk emotional. I do need to work on toning that down a bit lol