Area 51: Blacksite Scans.

New Scans of the new announced Area 51 game.

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Scrumptious5956d ago

but of course we can expect to see better graphical quality from the 360 version. It is always the case.

Asylumchild5956d ago

The first one on the ps2 was so cool I played it so much I cant wait for this to come out on xbox360!!!!

zonetrooper55956d ago

Hopefully they take their time on this game and make it gameply wise, amazing and graphically super.

Rooted_Dust5956d ago

Where did it say it was coming to the 360? Not "fanboy"-ing just curious.

General5956d ago

Why would a Playstation mag say its coming to Xbox aswell? And The original Area 51 was on both Xbox and PS2 So Its going to be the same for PS3 And 360.

Rooted_Dust5956d ago

Because an Xbox 360 version hasn't been confirmed by anyone. Plus it was featured in a PS3 viral video. You don't brag about something everybody else is getting

General5956d ago

I wont be bragging because I'll be playing it on 360, It is Multiplatform, Count me on it.

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The story is too old to be commented.