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The 10th Rider2950d ago

The fact that there's ten is a bit sad. There's only a few on here that really needed to be remastered...

Magicite2950d ago

I think some games deserve more sales than they originally had, and thats where remasters help. There are certain games I have never played but would buy as a remaster.

Genuine-User2950d ago

I'm glad that games like GRIM FANDANGO are being remastered.
I can't find the original on Steam or GOG.

DougLord2950d ago

This is a terrible trend. That is 10 studios that could push out new IP.

We need a couple of rules. You can't remaster unless the game is from 2 generations ago or more. You can't charge more then $29.99 unless it's a collection of remasters.

I understand some people didn't get to play TLOU or GTA last gen, but the programmers for those 2 games could have been working on GTA6 or TLOU2.

jb2272950d ago

From what I understand it's not a very labor intensive process. Take TLOU for example, while one part of the team was working on the Left Behind dlc, the other part was working on the remaster, which by all accounts gave Naughty Dog important bits of experience that they'd carry over to UC4. To me, that's the perfect case scenario, those who never got a chance to play TLOU get to play the best possible version at little dev cost, while ND's first true next gen title got to benefit by the practice & can be an even better title than what would have been released otherwise. I'd assume the same was true in Rockstar's case. It's really all down to the talent & experience of the devs, the best of them will use a remaster at the beginning of a new gen to learn the ins & outs w/ little overhead cost & risk, the worst of them will learn as well, but might take a bit longer to truly get there. Is it something I want to see throughout this generation? Definitely it a useful spring board into what this generation can actually attain? Definitely so. I do agree w/ your pricing plan for sure though, there's really no reason to charge full price for these games, regardless of how good or bad they sold in their initial release, theres simply not enough funds & resources put into them to justify a 59.99 price point.

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Genova842950d ago

Resident Evil didn't make the list, but FF7 a game that released on pc 18 years ago and wasn't changed at all made it? REALLY????

ps4lifesucka2950d ago

only top ten?! let's make it top 50!! I can't wait until we see nothing new in gaming!! Yeah #consoleregen4lifebro

Spotie2949d ago

Yep, cuz we all know there haven't been any new IPs or even new entries in old franchises released this gen.

jegheist20142950d ago

type 0 hd is only one on that list worth buying it was never released states side.

i never played saints row 4 but ill wait for price drop on that ot be honest if majoras mask was on wii you it be worth buti m notp laying epic zelda titles on 8 inch or less screen come on nintendo

killerluffy1232950d ago

major disagree, that game should have been on psp or vita , they trolled us well .

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