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After recently playing a preview build of The Order 1886, Jason from Game-Smack feels that some of the worries consumers have had about the game may be right.

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-Foxtrot1406d ago

I honestly think it looks fine, there has been other games out there which do roughly the same thing and they seem to get a free pass.

I feel though now people have built up this "It's going to be bad" thing in their heads so when it comes to review it they will nit pick the shit out of it.

Cindy-rella1406d ago (Edited 1406d ago )

Basically he's complaining about a demo which is not the full game. Hes complaining about the last demo we've seen which has like 2 qte and other silly things. He ridicules the game for what it is which a lot of people liked that played it recently. He says he's worried because he hasnt seen enough which seems silly. Its either youre already looking to get the game because of what youve seen already or not because most people dont want to know or see spoilers and would rather experience most things themselves while playing.

Highlife1405d ago

Sounds like he needs to stick to COD. I don't want every game to play the same.

Multiplatguy1405d ago (Edited 1405d ago )

What is silly is that you are trying to disregard his opinion when his criticism seems quite valid. This is the game I got the PS4 for but be honest for a second.

They usually put the best parts into the demo in order to encourage people to buy the game. It's very valid to judge a game based on a demo.

You say there is only 2 QTEs in the demo but if you watch this video, you will see there it's filled with them and parts where you just hold the stick forward.

The game is right around the corner, being worried that there isn't enough gameplay footage is also valid. It looks like a great game but I can totally understand where the complaints are coming from. Not everyone likes the QTE filled cinematic experience with little gameplay freedom.

Rachel_Alucard1405d ago

Watch this video and everything will become clear about why people don't like it

ThatOneGuyThere1405d ago

ive never, ever played a demo with "the best part" in it. ever. EVER. NOT EVEN ONCE. ive been playing games and demos since the 80s.

morganfell1405d ago (Edited 1405d ago )

There are nowhere as near as many QTEs in the video as there are Xbox supporters in this thread praying The Order will fail.

The only people that will be disappointed by The Order are those same people screaming for disappointment. You want disappointment well... that is precisely what you will recieve, though not in the manner you wished.

The Order is unique, groundbreaking, and shaping up to be a hell of a ride. If you need proof of its authority to drive gamers all you have to do is watch those same Xbox supporters flood every thread concerning this title.

You had your two months of US sales and now that time is over. Already the bestsellers at every major US retailer have inverted to previous figures and the PS4 is back on top. The Order is only going to accelerate that trend. There is a reason the Premium Edition has almost disappeared in the wild. People want this game. No amount of infantile fanboy articles will detract one iota from the promise upon which this game will deliver.

Besides, looking at this article I have larger, truly justified concerns about the rabble state of game journalism.

turdburgler10801405d ago (Edited 1405d ago )

This game looks like a solid rental. Ill have to que up the gamefly. If you don't have game fly don't worry. This game should make its way to Craigslist very soon followed by the bargin bin. Oh and I own both systems so don't get your panties in a bunch. I can hate equally;-)

memots1405d ago

The only people i see worried about this game are in the comments section of ign. The other fanbase seem to be more worried about this than anyone else.

sonarus1405d ago

I own xbox and ps4 but i just recently got xbox this holiday don't even pay for xbox live but i have had PS4 since pretty much day 1. I say this so that its clear if i have any prejudice it will be for sony and not against sony.

That being said. This game just looks boring to me. The stuff this dude complains about are simply nit picky things but this games seems to me like the first assassins creed on PS3 that left a lot of gamers disappointed after massive hype. It just seems a little too linear and the plot seems very boring. As far as QTE's and action sequences, i really don't mind any of that stuff as long as its not overdone. But even with all the graphics i just don't see any particular feature that isnt being done in every standard 3rd person shooter these days. I hate most fps games and i love 3rd person and this particular game just looks weak and uninteresting. If it has strong reviews i will buy it day 1 because 3rd person shooters are still my fave genre but i am not optimistic in the least about the reviews

UltraNova1405d ago

Good or bad this game is doomed when it comes to reviews.

In all honesty its the first time I see a game being so heavily dismissed prior seems everyone has their own view on how this game must play and look like absurdly forgetting that its not their decision or property but the developer's and that NO ONE IS FORCING THEM TO 1) LIKE IT AND 2) BUY IT!!

Self-entitlement with some people is truly off the charts!

As for me it ticks 3 very important boxes that of being single player, its a NEW 3rd person action IP and it looks like it has a decent story!

PX541405d ago (Edited 1405d ago )

@ThatOneGuyThere - MGS2 Demo...

OT - the thing is, the opening level of a new game (especially a new IP) will most likely be one that teaches you the gameplay mechanics. So yeah, it may have a fair few QTE and instant fail in the demo, that doesn't mean it will be the same throughout the whole game.


"The Order is unique, groundbreaking" I think that is stretching it a bit...

what is so groundbreaking about it?

I think the stories setting is interesting yes and could make for a great game.. but I don't get what is so "groundbreaking" about it.

pinkcrocodile751405d ago (Edited 1405d ago )

I have to say after the wet fart that was Driveclub (Great graphics don't make up for a duff racer in my view), I'm very cautious of ANY hyped game whether it's a console exclusive or a multiplatform game.

Destiny is another example of a stupidly over hyped game that really left me dissappointed.

Now you can see why I'd be a little dejected after buying a PS4 for Driveclub and Bloodborne.

The developers today seem to think it's acceptable to deliver a buggy game, or over hype a decidedly average game.

I supposed they have learned that while individuals are reasonably intelligent, people as a collective are monumentally stupid and will swallow any old shite they are given if they are told that it tastes of chocolate.

I for one am going to play the waiting game and see for myself whether this game and the others I've been waiting for are any good at all.

One thing I won't do, is listen to any online reviews or over indulged children ranting on here!

NewMonday1405d ago (Edited 1405d ago )

The Order made the top 10 most wanted poll on NeoGaf, despite the failing hate campaign gamers look forward to it.


reviews don't matter anymore, Destiny is a huge hit and Driveclub is a success toping the UK charts as the best selling exclusiveand stying in the top 10 every week since releas, it's up there with FIFA, AC and GTA

sonarus1405d ago

No doubt the game will sell on hype alone. I actually do hope this game is successful but it just doesnt strike ME as an essential purchase like say metal gear, uncharted or god of war would be.

Double Toasted1405d ago

Groundbreaking? How's that now?

Saigon1405d ago


In that video, that guy didn't say anything relevant. He pretty much took an interview about the game and completely took everything out of context. Don't get me wrong, I am not trying to defend this game, I am just being logical. The early reports on this game that released early 2014 or late 2013 is why some gamers are up in arms about this game and since then some gaming journalist are trying to continue the speal. I figured after the playstation event this would have died down, but there are some that still have a grievance with a game they have yet to play. Since the Event most journalist took a complete 360 with this game and there has been nothing but rave reviews. Look at the CES 2015 event, the game is the talk of the event. To me that says something. I honestly think the reports that were written a long time ago when they were showing an Alpha build of the game were to soon. If those articles were written last month then I would be worried. When the articles were written, they still had a whole year and some change to work on fixing the game and from recent reports, it looks like they did a good job.

Prime1571405d ago (Edited 1404d ago )


Hard to take that guy's video seriously when he has another video named, "why the last of us is a disappointment."

People need to stop giving into click-bait.

And to whomever said demos need to be the best parts... that's a terrible idea.

Rachel_Alucard1404d ago


Yeah and if you actually watched that video he actually showed off and gave reasons as to why it was a disappointment. He never at any point said it was bad.

On topic, if you read what I posted, all I posted was the basics of why people were up in arms about it. The video is saying that he doesn't agree with some of the decisions that were made during development. Never said it would be bad or that it is destined to fail. In this video as well the basic setup is as follows.

3rd Person cover shooter, 30 FPS set as an artistic choice rather than a performance choice, Story and graphics prioritized over gameplay.

Based on some of those facts that were written out by the developer themselves, that is why people are skeptical of it. I don't blame them either, they have a right to think it's gonna disappoint based on what choices were made so far.

Please though I think people who praise this game endlessly are just as bad as the people who bash the game endlessly. Criticism and hate are 2 different things.

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Bigpappy1406d ago (Edited 1406d ago )

What is ironic about this, is that it looks this game is turning out to be exactly what Ryse was originally being slammed for in the media. They were saying Ryse was just sequences of QTE. Turns out the QTE was just for finishes.

The game seems even more story driven than Ryse, and uses the QTE to unfold the story between action sequences. They do seem to use some QTE in stealth situation too though for finishes.

These types of games are difficult to fully judge in a demo, as the host eluded. But it is important that they get enough fun interaction into the gameplay, or some core gamers will no be happy.

I would say it's one of those games where you have to wait for the final product to know what to really expect, due to it not being a straight out action game.

interesting to note also, it that for a game that is not even trying to be 1080p or 60FPS, it is easily one of the best looking games coming to PS4 to date.

-Foxtrot1406d ago

Difference is you saw more QTE leading up to Ryses release.

Hell the game used to be a Kinect game so it was obviously going to be heavily infested with QTE

MCTJim1405d ago

I really enjoyed Ryse so if this game turns out to be "similar", I am sure I will enjoy this game too.

memots1405d ago

When did Quick time event become a negative? I love them in God of war/Dante inferno or any game that used them. They provide a nice break and action piece that i actually enjoy.

Of course you can't break up the game all the time. This or movie sequence for story and set piece is fine imo

OB1Biker1405d ago

I get what your trying to say but come on, enough with these silly ccmparison with ryse, its not hack n slash smack button its pure TPS and the action seem pretty intense at times IMO

NewMonday1405d ago

actually the resolution of the Order is 1080p, only the aspect ratio is not

learn to tell the difference

u got owned1405d ago

@ NewMonday

That's right

The Order may have a display ratio of 1920x800, but keeps the same pixel density as a 1920x1080 resolution. The game renders an image of 1920x1080, just 280 horizontal lines are black.

Though It makes me wonder if they would have been able to hit full HD if they were to use the whole screen.

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Bigpappy1405d ago (Edited 1405d ago )

You say Ryse is "heavily infested" with QTE. That is a plain LIE. This game looks to be far more QTE driven then Ryse, and it that is the case, could easily also be a Kinect game. The guy did say all he mostly did was push X and everything was being done for him.

Look Mr. Fox, I am not trying to getting into a back and forth about which game have the more QTE and if the hate is justified for either. My point is only that the media jump on QTE and this horrible gameplay killer, just as you hypercritically as actually also doing, but if done right in a story driven game, can actually turn out quite good.

My comparison to Ryse and your beloved game you are defending so hard, was only for the sake of pointing out the media can be round about QTE base on a demo. The game could turn out to be much heavier on actual gameplay, as was the case with Ryse. Ryse complain end up being about repetitive enemies and gameplay mechanics, and not QTE. You obviously never played the game and still repeating those things you read early, whicsadly will as so happen with many reading previews for this game. So if the game ends up selling 1 mil, it might have sold 4 mil had it not been seen as, as you say, "infested with QTE".

-Foxtrot1405d ago (Edited 1405d ago )

"Look Mr. Fox, I am not trying to getting into a back and forth about which game have the more QTE"


You brought Ryse into this discussion

You did that for a reason, why bring in a Xbox exclusive into an article about The Order, a PS4 game.

I never mentioned Ryse, only you did. If you wanted to talk about QTE Heavy Rain, Walking Dead, Beyond Two Souls.

Utalkin2me1405d ago

Ryse is littered with QTE's. Everytime you kill for the most part you do a QTE. Thats not the main problem with ryse though, the combat is so repetitive with very little variety that it gets old very quick.

PX541405d ago

"The guy did say all he mostly did was push X and everything was being done for him"
No, that was just in the abseiling section. How many games with an abseiling section isn't that the case?

"Ryse complain end up being about repetitive enemies and gameplay mechanics, and not QTE"
QTE is a gameplay mechanic...

Team_Litt1405d ago

Lol. So nobody can have a negative opinion about this game huh? Everybody who does is simply doing so because they are picking on it and giving other games free passes.
It's funny how it seems only certain publisher games are "picked on" no matter how valid the complaints are.

"I think it looks fine..." vs an actual hands on experience. -__-

-Foxtrot1405d ago

"So nobody can have a negative opinion about this game huh?"

Never said that...don't put words into peoples mouths.

Torque_CS_Lewith1405d ago

You didn't have to say it Fox. Anybody with basic comprehension skills can deduce that you are implying exactly that!

Is nobody allowed a negative opinion of a PS4 exclusive game around these parts? It can't all be a massive conspiracy surely!

extravalue1405d ago Show
Haki11121405d ago

It is always like that around here as I said before and ill most likely say it again It's good if Sony does something like this but god forbid if MS or Nintendo does it.

morganfell1405d ago (Edited 1405d ago )


Your statement would have some validity were it not for the fact every article concerning The Order is littered with anti-Sony and anti-fill in the blank about The Order attacks. So much so that like many of the negative remarks it is simply absurd. And those attack remarks are coming from people with a long and clear post history of being anti-PS4.

Stated plainly they are well known Xbox fans that congregate in every article concerning The Order and spout nonsense, many to their last bubble. This reality easily invalidates your remark.

A line of deflection that falls back on "Oh we can't say bad things about a PS4 game" has more holes in it than 2 tons of swiss cheese. It is a cop out that intentionally avoids the facts since these unmitigated attacks on The Order are simply fanboyism and are indefensible.

freshslicepizza1405d ago

let me put my own words out there and you can quote me if you want, this is a hand holding game. a game where the player is literally left at the mercy of the developer to plod from point a to point b. the main reasons why this game is getting a "free pass" by many is because the graphics are simply amazing and because it's a sony exclusive.

object and disagree until the cows come home but everyone knows that I speak the truth. i don't need to mince words.

jcnba281405d ago

So true and Foxy boy has to be the most negative person on this site. 99% of his comments are negative.

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gangsta_red1405d ago (Edited 1405d ago )

" it was obviously going to be heavily infested with QTE..."

Have to completely agree with Bigpappy because that is definitely a flat out lie. Ryse didn't have anymore or any less QTE's then any other action game before it or what is shown here. Funny that Ryse was okay to be picked on, but this game is a no, no.

Ryse got slammed by most because of the QTE's even though what was shown at that time was also a demo. And also God of War had a crap ton more QTE's and those games are regarded as the essential action platformers.

Watching the clip above, the game looks good, unfortunately it doesn't look like a must have title and the lack of multi-player is very disappointing because for a game like this it would have been extremely fun. And I think this would have filled in a nice Gears like gameplay style for the PS4.

Also at 6:44, I just would have sat there and kept doing that to all the enemies ;)

mopground1405d ago

saying god of war had more qtes than ryse is an outright lie. I enjoyed ryse, in fact it is still the only game on xbone that kept me wanting to come back but, almost every kill was a qte.

gangsta_red1405d ago

"saying god of war had more qtes than ryse is an outright lie"

Then you haven't played any of the God of Wars where killing every enemy consists of a QTE finisher, killing every boss consists of a QTE finisher, I believe in part II theie was one part with the Kratos vs. Zues was a all QTE.

I think you need to revisit the God of War series and refresh your memory.

Hellsvacancy1405d ago

Yep, i've said from the (almost) beginning that The Order will get a mixed bag of reviews

It'll be a game you'll love or hate

andibandit1405d ago

Prepare for the onslaught of "You must love The Order" articles, much like how DC has been in the headlines ever since it released.

OB1Biker1405d ago (Edited 1405d ago )

Yep I totally agree. I got no problem with people who don't fancy this game. Just there's no point going on and on about it (because its an exclusive I can guess). It would feel weird to me if I came posting in articles about games I have no interest (and there are many) wasting my time telling people I don't like a game. I don't get that
My main drawn for this game is the story/setting which seem incredible and the realistic immersion that makes you forget your just playing. The shooting parts seem intense enough and engaging to me.

1405d ago Replies(2)
Magicite1405d ago

This game might become alternative version of Gears of War for Playstation.

PeaSFor1405d ago (Edited 1405d ago )

Operation WinBack was already a playstation game, at this point we could simply resume Gears Of War as a "WinBack clone" but set in a different universe... oh nevermind.. i forgot about all the casuals who still beleive that gears of war created the tps genre...

Kingscorpion19811405d ago

After playing the demo Its nothing like Gears bro... The demo is like a year old though

NuggetsOfGod1405d ago (Edited 1405d ago )

Yes a qte filled gears alternative with no multiplayer?

You know the best alternative to gears 3 is gears 4 lol

criticism towards this game is unacceptable to sony fanys.

I am more excited for hell blade than another shooter.

Will get that on pc.

fanboysmackdown1405d ago

Ummm Gears has a great multiplayer. The biggest concern most have for this game is, is it worth $70 (I live in Canada)? Possibly a short, linear game with no MP gives us consumers reason to be weary. I really hope it does deliver, if not I'll try it out on rental or wait for a used copy later.

UltraNova1405d ago

Not enough muscle bound bro love to even come close to GoW

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Kingscorpion19811405d ago

I played the Demo at PSE and I Loved it. It's fine to me

Kingscorpion19811405d ago

That build was like a year ago lol

jb2271405d ago

Totally agree...these sites will never score it accurately as they will all try to either save face in light of the harsh criticisms they've lobbed at it while others may be reactionary in the opposite direction. As far as the worries he mentioned, I don't think those are consumer worries, the people who enjoy what they have seen so far are the ones that know what they are in for & are excited for exactly that. It's the journalism side that will end up w/ self-fulfilling prophecies once the game drops. It's a shame too because RAD are obviously great devs that haven't even scratched the surface of what they are capable of, it'd be a shame for a shaky journalism industry to snuff them out in the crib in the name of the almighty controversy generating page hit.

strangeaeon1405d ago

How does one give an accurate opinion? Unless by accurate you mean "falls in line with my opinion".

remixx1161405d ago

I think what he means by "accurate" opinion, is an opinion not clouded by others criticisms, try and go at it with an open mind and not with a mind waiting to be disappointed or with a fanboy mentality.

Oh and trust me, the click bate sites that love to toss out 2/10 and rush right through games are going to go to town with the order.

jb2271404d ago


You said it better than I could. I just think that the current state of criticism of all forms of media takes too many external factors into consideration & most of these opinions are colored by too many outside & irrelevant factors. If I go into a movie w/ a clean slate & no preconceived notions, and another person w/ my same tastes in cinema goes into the movie having read everything the internet has to say about the project, chances are he will come out regurgitating those same sentiments whereas my issues w/ it or enjoyment of it would most likely be wildly varied from his. Criticism isn't a science, doubly so for anyone criticizing w/o the proper education of the field & what a project is trying to accomplish. I'm all for people having their own opinions about art, that's what makes it great...what annoys me is when people go in the opposite direction and only take from art whatever they were expressly told to by reviewers. "Linear" & "Cinematic" aren't bad words in my gaming vocabulary, they are actually under represented these days it seems. When every game is going for open world & excessive crafting & a huge amount of external options w/in the game, it loses the appeal of just being able to pick up a controller and get lost inside a world and story, instead I find myself lost inside a world's mechanics or its many fetch quests or the ever present crafting & options menu. I personally look forward to more games in The Order's spirit and I'm hoping it pans out to be everything RAD are capable of.

NuggetsOfGod1405d ago (Edited 1405d ago )

U think it looks fine?

He played and u looked at it.
Which could the more accurate experience?
Imo any game that has devs talking more about music and graphcs and the awsomeness of low fps should be greeted with scepticism.

Don't care how many good psp games they made lol

morganfell1405d ago (Edited 1405d ago )

The fact you burned both bubbles in this thread attempting, and laughably failing, to attack this game simply proves this is a title with which the competition and their fans know they must reckon.

As I alluded above, it is satisfying howm many documented anti-Sony people, such as yourself, flooded this thread. It speaks volumes about the affect this game has on Xbox supporters. You can say what you will but your actions define you.

starchild1405d ago (Edited 1405d ago )

The graphics are great and the story seems interesting, so even if the gameplay is average I think I will still enjoy playing through the game.

Geekman1405d ago

The one thing you're optimistic about is the one thing you shouldn't be.

Kidmyst1405d ago

I pre-ordered and am excited for this game. But maybe we should think lesser of the game so then when it's better than that we are pleased. Unlike Watchdogs which was too high of expectations.

VegasDawg1405d ago

Love it Fox, when have you played this game? How? Ign played it, they said it looked good but didn't like the gun play.
I'm assuming you haven't played it, but arguing with someone who has is silly. You're wishing like a fanBOY.

-Foxtrot1405d ago

"Bu Bu Bu you're a fanboy/troll/SDF"

Heard it all before

Why can't you guys stay on topic and relate to the article instead of talking about the user.

Oh but that's all you guys can do isn't it.

Anon19741405d ago

Wow. -Foxtrot is accusing someone of not staying on topic and simply attacking users. You do realize other people can see your comment history, right?

-Foxtrot1405d ago


With your recent comments and submitting the same related articles over and over....

Pot calling the kettle black

Chevalier1405d ago

None of the people here complaining have actually played it. Bringing up video references and useless comparisons to Ryse (why is a hack and slash being compared?!) and all the arguments are full of blanket statements about QTE's when for all we know it makes up for 5% of gameplay. I saw quick time events in this other 3rd person shooter called Quantum Break and where are any complaints about that?! Anyone remember Alan Wake by the same studio?!

Anon19741404d ago

"Darkride - With your recent comments and submitting the same related articles over and over...."

See what I mean. Off topic. Check. No clue what the articles I recently submitted have to do with anything, but then the guy can't stay on topic if his life depended on it.

Personal attack. Check. Some sort of shot at my recent comments, although they're available to everyone to look at. If anyone wants to they're free to have a look and see if I'm guilty of either of those two claims as -Foxtrot insists. Spoiler alert. I'm not, but he does seem to have some vendetta against me.

The guy seems awfully intent on putting words in my mouth and telling others what I think, which is funny as hell as he also accusing someone of that exact same thing up above. Does he even hear himself?

Personally, I think the Order looks awesome. I'm not sure why some would want to badmouth or defend it before it comes out as with any game it could go either way. None of us have played it yet. Plenty of games have looked great and turned out to be disappointments. We'll just have to wait and see.

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MRMagoo1231405d ago

The game looks great to me. I think it's kinda funny how all the 1 bubble xbone trolls are in here though, they are all deeply concerned about a game they won't ever be playing any way.

blackout1405d ago (Edited 1405d ago )

And once again everything with Sony and there fan is "Just Look At Those Visuals ". I'm mean visuals are cool but what about gp. I really hope this trend ends. Wasn't Journey game the year last year. Gp is what makes games, visuals are the added bonous. Of all the games coming out of the MS camp exception (Ryse) they have been gp driven and the get knocked for visuals. FH2 vs Dc, DC is all visuals. I have not once herd a fan of the game say wow the gp is awesome. FH2 looks good (Not as good as DC) but the gp + visuals smoke DC any time of day. Sony fans these are the games you will be playing on your ps4. You guys should be demanding more for your system. Gp over visuals any day of the year, it comments sense. Or maybe the system is just build this way and this will be the norm for the p4. Power, Power, Power now we know what the cost is.

MRMagoo1231405d ago (Edited 1405d ago )


I don't have a clue wtf you are talking about, name one game this gen or last gen that has done something completely unheard of gameplay wise on the ps3 ps4 xbone or 360. Game play is not changing that much a racing game is a racing game, the only standout now days is the graphics , unless the game takes a giant leap back somehow (which none have besides ryse) I don't see your point.

This gameplay before graphics bullsh1t you fanboys keep bringing up means fuk all till games either miss vital game play mechanics which none do (besides ryse which was actually missing gameplay unless gameplay stopped evolving in the 80s) or some new kind of game play is invented , which hasn't happened yet.

Just stop talking sh1t because your choice of console isn't doing so well instead of making stupid false excuses as to why your games are better, when clearly the massive majority have spoken and bought and continue to buy the console that gamers choose and even software sells better e.g dc selling far more than forza horizon. If people thought the gameplay sucked why would it keep selling ?

I swear you fanboys are just trolling to get a reaction even when you know how stupid you look doing it.

"power power power we know what cost is" the power of a console gives you more chance at adding diffe