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higgins782477d ago

Hohokum appears to be (for me) the only glaring omission. Saying that, 101. A wonderful Wii U title which - while flawed - did a hell of lot more right and wrong. Ironic that the self-proclaimed 'hardcore' ask for Nintendo to release new IP's, then when they do, yes, you guessed it, they continue to be the same old chav fodder.

CJ64Bit2477d ago

I dont have a Wii U so have I couldnt include Wonderful 101, plus that was released in 2013 (at least in the US). I played Hohokum but I didnt have enough drive to finish it, and therefore left it off the list. But hey if you liked this list, please continue to follow us at

traumadisaster2477d ago

Get em on steam for a few quid on winter sales...