What is Molyneux Planning? From F2P Godus to the Emotional Leaderboard of The Trial

Peter Molyneux has discussed a new project, The Trial, at the Fun and Serious Game Festival in Bilbao, Spain. The famous game developer and former head honcho at Lionhead Studios (Fable) has expressed his interest in creating a game that utilises social media interaction and high score leaderboards.

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CoyoteHunter2447d ago

I'm not the biggest fan of Molyneux, but he always manages to create a storm of intrigue about any project he works on. Colour me interested.

SlappingOysters2447d ago

Did you see his tweet the other day about being a kid in the back seat of a car, falling asleep and then all of a sudden you were driving. I thought that was a bit whatever

shipnabottle2447d ago

I'd rather listen to Molyneux speak than play his games. He seems to have an interesting mind and way of thinking about things but those things don't seem to get translated successfully into the games.

Jdoki2447d ago

For anyone who grew up when Populous was launched and every Bullfrog game was gold, Molyneux will always be one of the great developers and 'ideas-men'.

It's just unfortunate that what he's done in recent times (everything since Black and White), has been more hyperbole than delivery.

It's a shame, as if you gave the guy a budget of $10,000 he'd make an interesting game of 10,000 underdeveloped ideas. If you gave him a budget of $10million, you'd get an interesting game of 10 million under-developed ideas. He doesn't seem to know when to focus on a few things until they are perfect, rather than a bucket load that are half baked. His experimental games are interesting, but they are little more than tech demo ideas that should not get past internal prototyping.

Godus for me has been the single biggest disappointment - for a guy that invented the god-game genre, to see his return to the genre be little more than a Facebook game was awful. I'm supposed to be a god, and yet I'm collecting cards!?, and putting stickers!? on them to unlock powers... And I can only collect faith on a timer... so my population are like little faith bubbles that need to be popped... Half baked!