Relevant Gaming Pro-Evolution Soccer 2015 Review

We all remember the glory of the Playstation 2 era, with Pro Evolution Soccer as one of its most beloved flagships. Its gameplay, graphics and overall fun factor were unrivalled as far as console gaming went,

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fxa52091410d ago

The game is unplayable online since day one. The game is extremely lagging (including button press lagging), poor response time, frequent disconnection almost in every game. The game is also full of cheaters who can lag you out when they are losing.

I would not recommend the game to any one, especially, to people who like to play online.

berndogskate1410d ago

Dont listen to the guy above the game is pure fun to play, online is fine 90 percent of the time, blows fifa away

killkool1410d ago

Exactly...but i can't talk for pc version (ps4 here).

fxa52091410d ago

Berndogskate, I bet you are paid by Konami or you work for Konami to promote a faulty game.

I have over 5 tickets open with Konami in a month for all those issues. I gave up on the game and requested a refund. I can give you all ticket number if you want. Meanwhile, can you prove that it works for you 90% of the time?

fxa52091410d ago

Here you go, from the Konami Ticket:

Ticket #:68874

Dear x,
Answering your question: No, I'm still waiting for some help regarding your request you asked on Dec 19th.
The ticket will set to close after 3 days since I send a reply, but as long as I keep it I'll be on state open (unless someone else removes it from my inbox for other purposes).
I'll ask you to reply me again so the ticket goes back to open.
Once I have some information about your inquiry to speak with someone else who can help you to get a refund for your game I'll write you back again.
Best wishes,