Call of Duty 3 video: Xbox 360 vs. PS3. vs. Wii

After we've already seen some comparison video's showing us Xbox 360 vs. Playstation 3 battles, this time also the Wii is involved. Of course it's not completely fair to judge Nintendo's new console on graphics, since it's focus on other features, but it's still nice to compare how the game really looks like in compare with the 'real' powerfull next-gen consoles.

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eques judicii6385d ago

or do all ps3 videos seem "washed" out compared to their 360 counterparts... I just get the feeling that the 360 is doing better contrasts (particularly the night scene... you can hardly tell that its night time on the ps3)

venom nolatari6385d ago

I agree that COD3 on the PS3 looks too bright on the video, very 'washed out' The 360 looks far better.
No, i am not a fanboy if the 360 was worse i would say!!
As for the Wii I think it looks like the PS2!! Not really 'next Gen' is it? But it is early day's for the ps3 & the Wii, so i am sure things will improve

SuperSaiyan46385d ago

The Xbox 360 has a far superior GPU so its obvious who will have the beter graphics.

FirstknighT6385d ago (Edited 6385d ago )

I cant believe how crappy the Wii version is! Anyway, the 360 is clearly better than the ps3 version. The very end of the video where you see the soldiers shooting...you can see how the lighting is better on the 360...especially when they're shooting there weapons! You cant even tell night from day in the ps3 version. Another game better on the 360!

Oh yes...good to be a 360 owner!

MicroGamer6385d ago

It makes me think that Wii was the system that Nintendo needed to come out with last generation instead of Gamecube. Yes, to the person above, the lighting on PS3 does seem to be a bit too bright on many games. The thing is, there are situations where being better lit can be useful. Let's take a combat simulation like we just saw as an example. You're pinned down behind a wall by a sniper up in a tree or on a rooftop somewhere, but you can't see him. You need to be able to look around in short bursts to try to find him before he kills you. If the graphics are very dark and shadowy, that sniper is going to blend better and be harder to locate than if everything is well lit. Too much lighting does have the effect, though, of making the colors look faded, which isn't good.

Funky Town_TX6385d ago

Is it okay for the Wii to have crappy graphics. They are only charging $50 less than what a core 360 cost.

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UnSelf827d ago

Vanguard better be at the fkn bottom. Can’t believe ppl haven’t eviscerated that game with all its lacking

Minimoth827d ago

Yeah, it's close to the bottom. There are a couple of worse ones. Infinite Warfare definitely deserves its place.

KyRo827d ago

There's a number a lot worse than Vangaurd. It's also a lot better than that car crash Treyarch released before it.

XbladeTeddy827d ago

World at War is my favourite. Didn't know the N-Gage had a Call of Duty.