150° Introduces Password Protected RAR Files On Its Game Installers, Fans Accuse Of DRM has moved away from inno’s own compression to storing a password-protected RAR archive inside their installers; a move that brought a lot of complains from various GOG users. According to fans, this new decision to include password-protected RAR files is basically a form of DRM, something that is against what GOG really stands for. On the other hand,’s developer ‘Gowor’ shed some light on what exactly is currently going on.

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knifefight1486d ago

At first I was like "Oh no they didn't!" but after reading the explanation, yeah, that doesn't sound bad actually.

sungam3d1486d ago

Yeah, this is the internet mate.
People love to complain about everything.

JsonHenry1485d ago

If this is the worst DRM ever gets, I'll take two please! lol

sungam3d1486d ago

I've been doing the same thing with my installers for years.
It's not called DRM.
It's called making it secure and idiot proof.
There are people out there who have trouble with ctrl+c ctrl+v.

Trust me. They are out there.

Volkama1486d ago

I'll get theTrust me. They are out there of itTrust me. They are out there eventually