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Continue Play's Taylor Hidalgo looks back at Bioware's sojourn into Asian myth, Jade Empire. While uneven storytelling and character development takes the shine off, the game's excellent combat system makes up for it.

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joab7772455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )

I wish Bioware would hire more ppl, create another studio and make a sequel to this and a proper KotOR sequel.

As far as the morality system goes, I wish games would ditch the simple black and white, like Infamous and Mass effect. Dragon Age is a better example, as is The Witcher games. Real life isn't about good and bad, but choices that have consequences. Sometimes you must kill, sometimes you save someone and it ends up hurting you in the long run.

It's time!!!

TheRealTedCruz2455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )

That's to say the core team, without all the minds behind the originals, would be able to produce a similar product. Not always the case, even when you hire on real talent.

As per your second part, sounds more like you want Obsidian working on the next title then, at least in the Kotor series. I know I do. That's always been their strong suit. That said, CD Projeckt Red would be very promising there as well. Bioware mainly treats moral ambiguity as very black and white things. It's just how they operate, and they rarely work outside of that. But yeah, Dragon Age really is their counter to that, though I don't think they manage it as well as the others.

soondragon672455d ago

Dragon Age isn't the only game Bioware made where they blurred the line between good and bad:

Also it makes sense for a Star Wars game to be about good and evil. Star Wars is supposed to be about black and white morality. It's an opera after all. There is the good side and there is the bad side. Adding an in-between area takes away from what Star Wars is.

TheRealTedCruz2455d ago


Oh, trust me, I am a big fan of the Baldur's Gate series and realize that that's where some of their best writing lies.
That said, that was back when they weren't expected to develop titles with full, or at least almost full, voice-acting.
Since then, the scope of the writing found in their titles has definitely been brought in a great deal. What we've often been left is with rather specific choices by comparison.

urwifeminder2455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )

Certainly one of my old faves .

traumadisaster2455d ago

Had this on the og xbox and didn't finish, picked it up on steam for a couple bucks to play in 3840x2160, glad I did...