Will The Rumors Ever End About Dishonored 2

Fans of the Dishonored video game franchise have been waiting and waiting for news that any sequel to the game, aka Dishonored 2 will hit the world.

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getrektedmate2951d ago

Best stealth game ever created...

Rimeskeem2951d ago

Stealth is a genre I need to visit

AnotherProGamer2951d ago

Thief 2 and Hitman Blood Money say hello

honestly Dishonored is decent but needs more work, hopefully a sequel fixes the problems

-Foxtrot2951d ago

One of the best new IPs from last gen

It basically took Thiefs Stealth Game crown, only thing they need to improve on is to make the game a little bit harder. Way too easy to just gun your way through some parts.

I hope Corvo returns with some character development and a voice.

Geekman2951d ago

I don't know.... Last time a mostly silent character got character development it didn't end too well.

-Foxtrot2951d ago

I think it was the studio behind it though

EA pulled it off for Issac Clarke before ruining him in DS3

Lilrizky2950d ago

I wouldnt mind if they swap protagonists. The magic of Dishonored was its level design and setting for me. It wouldnt bother me if they pulled an assassins creed and rotate protagonists.

I believe the rumours claim they are using the princess as the protagonist but she's all grown up

2951d ago
No_Pantaloons2951d ago

Rumors are to be expected.
It's a bit surprising they haven't announced anything yet. The game was a smash hit and they confirmed they want to make it a franchise, but then they go completely silent about it for 2 years.
Fans are bit edgy considering we get piles of sequels (no one asked for) every year, but ones that stand out (like this) seem to take forever for no apparent reason.

Roccetarius2951d ago

As long as they're working on it silently, then i'm all for it. I dislike games that are revealed too early, but keeps getting the release date moved to something else.

LightDiego2951d ago

The game was released in 2012, i think we can wait a little bit more for a great game.