The best Xbox One exclusives of 2014

Gamezone: "The Xbox One got off to a rocky start. I’m sure Microsoft still isn’t satisfied with where the Xbox One is, but things are getting better. The combination of some really great exclusives and timely price cuts and bundles have improved the landscape dramatically. And so as 2014 winds down to a close, here are the best Xbox One console exclusives of 2014."

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Foehammer2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

Good list

I suspect some might have issues with TitanFall but it is the highest rated FPS of 2014, and as long as some are acting as though games like No Mans Sky and H1Z1 as exclusive (they're also on PC), then why not TF.

Good year

Awesome holiday

looking forward to 2015

Edit for the troll comment below from ra3030

Using your logic:


madmonkey012021d ago

i wish we could remove your last bubble.

lifeisgamesok2021d ago

Why do you want his last bubble removed? That was a logical post he wasn't saying anything bad

Titanfall is great

lifesanrpg2021d ago

Because he's a fan of Xbox he doesn't deserve an opinion? If anything, your three bubbles should be removed for being a blatant fanboy. I get that most of N4G are fans of PlayStation, but isn't this site big enough for more than one console?

madmonkey012020d ago

too the guys above, i wasn't directly referring to this post, it just happened to be the one i replied to.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen2021d ago

Some of these articles being submitted to this site seem as though they were written by children.

brbobcat2021d ago

The same could be said of comments like yours.

WeAreLegion2021d ago

This one was fairly well written. What's the problem?

WeAreLegion2021d ago

Sunset Overdrive was my personal GOTY. I hope we see another one in the future.

thecowsaysmoo2021d ago

Best Xbox One exclusive is hard to choose, but not so hard for the ps4 because it only had like 2 games and they both sucked.

WeAreLegion2021d ago

Unnecessary, bro. The Xbox One had a good lineup. I agree. Don't dump on the PS4 though. You do that with like every comment you make. It's weird.

bleedsoe9mm2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

giantbomb podcast today considered cutting ps4 from their console with the best exclusives top 3 . i don't think it was quite that bad second son was a decent game but i'd have sony in 3rd place , with nintendo in 1st .

Ra30302021d ago

Well let's take a look at the articles best X1games for 2014...... Halo MCC....great games and I played all on the other Xbox consoles. Froza 2 Horizon I played it on the Xbox 360 and then the more than highly overrated TitanFall and BTW I played it on the Xbox 360 again explain why I need a Xbox One?
When the best of your games can be played in others places with a console you already own and on top of that you need to claim there exclusive when there not its a very bad sign. And what exactly dose that say about Microsoft and what they think about it's user base? Is it.... 1- they have no new ideas at all? Which it's more than clear they don't or...2- They think their user base is completely stupid and are proven right by the amout of sales some of those games like TitanFall, F2H and Halo MCC have when they can be played on the older Xbox consoles or PC and as I recall they worked unlike Halo MCC. So I know it's hard for you to choose the best X1 exclusive but try a little harder.

Lenrulesdaworld2020d ago

well for one, fh2 on 360 and x1 aren't same game. you have half a game honestly. halo mmc was great for nostalgia and those who want to learn the story but those games don't compare to the better looking, faster and redone cut scenes of this collection. titanfall just ran better on xbox one, still a really good game and new ip. can't really talk about x1 unless you have one and experienced it over time.

xx4xx2020d ago

I think the x1's 2014 exclusives were pretty solid.

In fairness a few of PS4'S exclusives were delayed into 2015 (Bloodborn, Order).

2015 should be interesting. Uncharted, Halo 5, possible Gears re-master.

slappy5082021d ago

I really had fun with sunset overdrive even bought the dlc so I can come back for more. Master chief collection? Yeah not much to say about that one, as of today not a single multiplayer match was found

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