7 Most Disappointing Games In 2014

Whether it was launching with barely any content or launching with a lot of broken features, each of these games managed to disappoint and underwhelm for one reason or another. Despite some massive budgets for a few of these titles, it didn't stop the games from tripping and falling on their face once they hit the market

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UnHoly_One2365d ago

That comment likely won't make you many friends here. lol

SuperBlunt2365d ago

4/10 wouldnt use with kinect

Jaqen_Hghar2365d ago

on the "Best games of 2014" list

No_Limit2365d ago (Edited 2365d ago )

Watchdog, AC Unity, and Destiny are disappointment for me. Can't comment of Driveclub until I can play it with the PSN+ version to see for myself if it is really that bad or has it improve after several updates.

Also, Don't know why Titanfall and Halo MCC are on the list as both scores great with critics. Titanfall advertised as an online FPS with Mech and Parka and jetpack and chaotic and fas pace action. It did it's job and there are still people playing the game daily on Live.

Halo MCC, sure it has Matchmaking issue at launch just like many other game as well like GTAV online and NBA 2k15 but it has been fixed since and for the past week, Matchmaking took less than 40 seconds on avg. to find a match fot me after the latest updates and the team of uneven matches is fixed and you don't get 3 vs 4 or 5 vs 8 on matches anymore as all the matches are also lag free and runs smoothly after the lastest update. Not to mention you get 4 HD campaign, all the maps, and a Halo 5 beta...that game defintely should not be on the list as it is one of the best value and game of the year.

Can't say that about Watchdog or Destiny though as you can't really fixed uninspired and repetitive gameplay and NOT fun.

Kemo_Spear2365d ago

I find it interesting that you give a rehashed game that has been flogged to death (Halo), and a game that has no single player what so ever (Titanfall) good marks, yet slam Destiny and WD for "uninspired and repetitive gameplay and NOT fun." which is exactly what Titanfall and Halo suffer from.
Xbot much????

No_Limit2365d ago (Edited 2365d ago )

LOL, I didn't know Watchdog and Destiny are PS4 exclusives as last I checked they are on XB1 as your point is invalid if you are trying to play the I am a MS fanboy part. Just because I so happen to come accross two games on the list from this arricle that I don't agree should be on the list, which so happen to be on XB1 as well, you have no argument in accusing me with that troll word. Heck, I e en gave a Ps4 exclusive the benefit of a doubt until I play it to see if it should be on the list or not. Smh

I also find it funny you said Titanfall has no single player mode yet on Destiny there is also no offline campaign and you got to be connected online to play as well.

halo suffer from inspired gameplay?? give it a rest kid, all 4 games that the collection includes were highly acclaimed and one of the most influential console FPS franchise in the history of gaming.

Additionally, I am not the only person that felt that way as yoou can see from the critics that gave Titanfall an avg. 86 and Halo MCC an avg. of 85 and Destiny a 76 and Watchdog a 80 on Metacritic.

Next thing I bet you would follow up and say is reciew scores don't matter. If it doesn't matter then, then the 90 plus scores for the rehash (borrowed from you) The Last of Us HD on PS4 also don't matter then and the lowered score of a game like Ryse or Aliens Coloniel Marine are better games. Com on son..please get up to speed of how the world really work.

Dirtnapstor2365d ago

Not even sure No_Limit played some of those games...sounds like he just read reviews. Comparing TF to Destiny? No. Two different games. WD is really no different than GTA or Red Dead with repect to that type of game. Debbie Downer.
I fired up Halo MCC yesterday... It was good for its time, remastered or not, they need to let it go and be looking forward. This collection is certainly no contender for anything special.

Kemo_Spear2365d ago

No_limit, no where did I even say anything about them being PS exclusives. Once again, your Xbot is showing through, and therefore makes your point invalid and a very stupid kneejerk response. Also, when did you become the censor police telling what words they can and can not say? I called you an Xbot, because you ARE one.

Yes, Titanfall has no single player, there fore it is a half game. Not once did I say anything about it having to be on or off line. I said it HAS NO SINGLE PLAYER. But, as an Xbot, you went into defense mode and had to spin it into something that I did not say at all, trying to make your precious little game look better (which it is actually is not).

YES, Halo suffers from uninspired gameplay. Shoot, run, shoot, run, shoot run... Uninspired (as with all FPS) All 4 of them are a cartoon FPS. You know what else is highly acclaimed and sells millions? Nickelback. Does that make them any good? Hell no. It just means that little kids and people with no clue who follow the crowd (sheep) bought it. The franchise just got worse and worse with every installment. Grow up kid, Halos time is gone.

See, here is the problem, I point out the flaws in those games (which happen to be only on Xbox) and the flaws on your post and you get all butthurt and go into defense mode and try to spin it. The problem I am getting at is that your an Xbot and you just refuse to admit it..

philm872365d ago

Have you not played Rocksmith? It's awesome.

Double_O_Revan2365d ago (Edited 2365d ago )

Luckily for me I was skeptical and decided to wait for the reviews on Watchdogs, so I'm the end I skipped it. And I'm so burned out from AC series, I didn't play that one either.

But probably My biggest disappointment is Castlevania LoS2. It's been sitting on my shelf for a while and I'm finally getting around to it. It's just such a let down after the first game. The whole taking place in present day story sucks. Big bad Dracula is nothing more then an errand boy. And the stealth sections Blow!!

I remember being hyped for that game. But I almost don't even feel like continuing.

philm872365d ago

Watch_Dogs is definitely worth playing, especially as you can get it for a bargain price now.

Jaqen_Hghar2365d ago

At least Driveclub and Master Chief Collection are fixable. Their core gameplay is solid and the primary complaints are patchable. There will no doubt be a lot of people having fun with these games for years once they're fixed. It isn't how it should be they should work at launch but at least they made compelling games with some online flaws. A man personally can't wait for DC Plus edition and hopes those Halo fans get their game working soon and get to enjoy some of the greatest FPS MP ever!

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