KC's Hopes For Nintendo’s Upcoming Console

Saying the Wii-U has struggled is an understatement. Despite a stellar lineup of exclusive games, Nintendo’s still having difficulty making their system appealing to both hardcore gamers and more casual gamers alike. Thankfully, it’s gotten better, but it’s unlikely the Wii-U won’t win anything except the bronze for this console generation. However, Shigeru Miyamoto recently said Nintendo is in the formative stage of designing new hardware. Since it’s Christmas (more or less), KC is making a wish list for this mystery, unmade Nintendo console in order for it to succeed in the next generation. So please bear with him as he dreams and speculates.

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GokuSolosAll1443d ago

The best way for Nintendo to still be different, and innovative while still maintaining a competitive edge would be to focus on 3D, VR, and 4K; if they are the first next-gen system out again next cycle, they can push those hard and make it all their selling point.

Current ststems don't support 4K, VR is still forthcoming, and 3D is neglected. These all have potential and Nintendo could put their own spin on them, do them better, come out earlier than the competition and kick ass again.

Or they can release a gimped system with something that won't stick, again.

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GokuSolosAll1443d ago

@WiiUMasterRace: Judging by your name this conversation won't move forward but just Xbox supporting 4K doesn't mean it's their "focus." Case in point, they have no 4K games, really.

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endi1231443d ago

Its just too early to talk about Nintendo's next-Gen, I don't know what is with these articles, in 2 years is the best time to start speculating. The Wii u came out near the end of 360/PS3 i can only assume its going to happen in the same period of time I'm mean the Wii u is out like 2 years, correct me if I'm wrong