PS4: 8 Open World Games in 2015, You Can’t Stop To Play

Playing an open world action game is always an amazing experience because there tons of places to explore, many NPC’s to meet and plenty of quests to do. Welcome to WtfOpinion and today we are taking a look on top 9 open world action games of 2015.

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Richard Cypher3440d ago

Not enough rpg this year but too many next year :P

Complete my DAO with all dragons killed and map cleaned and lacking my RPG fix now :(

Crazyglues3440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

yeah great list, The Division is at the top of my Open World list and I hope we do get it in 2015

The game is looking Amazing.../ hope they can do an open beta so we can give them some good feedback that could help make sure the game is what gamers will love.

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Deividas3440d ago

That was on the top of my list about a year ago...then I saw what Ubisoft has come up with in the last year and im thinking I might just have to set the bar a little lower for that game and Pray they learned from their mistakes in the last few games...

Come on Ubisoft, lets not have another Watch Dogs fiasco please...I want to love this game.

showtimefolks3440d ago

great list but i seriously doubt we will see either mad max or just cause 3 in 2015. both these most likely are 2016 games

OpieWinston3440d ago

Mad Max was originally slated for a 2014 release and pushed back to 2015 so 2015 is likely... Just Cause 3 will be pushed back as well though.

Bare in mind the Mad Max film hits in 2015 so you'd want to hit the game around the time of the movie when the fanbase is hyped.

JsonHenry3440d ago

Where was Dying Light on that list? It is just as open world as Dead Island 2 is.

Gamer19823439d ago

The division and no mans sky is the only one I'm interested in. Don't know if its an age thing but getting bored of sequels now.. Want new experiences in games.

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Adexus3440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

"You can't stop to play"...

Not sure if I'm being a moron but does that make any sense? Is it supposed to be "Can't wait to play?"

Brilliant list though, 2015 might beat 2007 as the best gaming year in recent memory, in my opinion at least!

WeAreLegion3440d ago

A site called wtfopinion.com probably isn't going to have a lot of quality control.

purpleblau3440d ago

I think he actually meant: "You can't stop playing". You're not a moron, rather the writer is.

CorndogBurglar3440d ago

I was thinking the same thing lol

Can't stop to play would imply that they aren't good enough to stop and play them.

venom_awakens3440d ago

From October 23 2007 to December 31 2007
Ratchet & clank
The witcer
Call of duty 4
Assassin's creed
mass effect
best two months of my life

MysticStrummer3440d ago

2007 was a good year all around.

The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion (PS3 version)
The Darkness
Rainbow Six: Vegas
Heavenly Sword
Jericho (sue me)
The Orange Box
Unreal Tournament 3

I'd also include Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, though I can see an argument against it counting as a "real" game.

Lilrizky3440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

My personal favourite is August 2009 to about June 2010.

That period converted me into a hardcore gamer and imo was the peak of last gen.

Uncharted 2
Batman Arkham Asylum
Modern Warfare 2
Assassin's Creed 2
Demon's soul
Crack in time
Dragon Age: Origins
Left 4 Dead 2
Mass Effect 2
Heavy Rain
Just Cause 2
Super Mario Galaxy
God of War 3; and
Red dead redemption

potedude3439d ago

In the title he says 8 open world games, then goes on to say "today we are taking a look on top 9 open world action games of 2015".

Lots of editing being done by this website :)

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slayer2543440d ago

waiting for The witcher 3 wild hunt...seems an awesome game

scark923440d ago

I feel like the only person who is going to try complete the first two games before i venture onto the third!

e-p-ayeaH3440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

To be honest i dislike the first two games but i like the third one.

JsonHenry3440d ago

The first game is more old school. The second game is like dark souls meets Witcher due to the harder and more tactical combat. Witcher 2 also has a much better story and better way of telling the story.

As someone who has beat both I would suggest skip the first one and play the 2nd.

Lilrizky3440d ago

Yeah skip the first. there's a great comic video on youtube detailing it.

if you have a 360, games with gold has witcher 2, and honestly, for me it's the most underrated games of last gen. i went in blind and left enlightened.

There is no game that tackles some of the mature/human issues presented in this game. it's like game of thrones with a bit more fantasy (which keeps things interesting)

it's also the reason why witcher 3 is in my most anticipated 3 years running...

neoandrew3440d ago

All of those games are coming to xone and pc as well, so great everybody will be able to play them.