Metro Redux gets cheapest price yet - £12.99 on PS4/XO

Dealspwn writes: Metro Redux offers great value for money by giving two fantastic shooters from last-gen and giving them a loving remaster and more as listed below. This is a great excuse to catch up on the series, especially for PS3 owners that may have missed out when the first game only visited the 360. Head on over to the site and you can use the voucher code to get an £5 off, bringing it down to £12.99.

More than just a visual facelift for the series, Metro Redux has put some extra effort in to tempt a spend. Metro 2033 has extra animations (such as the mask wipe from the sequel) and the weapon handling has been reworked too. Both games are now playable in Ranger and Survival modes too for a harsher challenge. All the Season Pass content for Last Light is included, adding an extra ten hours of single player content. This is shaping up to be well worth a look if you missed out on the games last gen.

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Kingdomcome2472015d ago

Wow. Great deal. 4A really went the extra mile on Metro 2033.

DefenderOfDoom22015d ago

I just bought Metro 2033 redux for 14 bucks few days ago on PS4

Higgs12015d ago

they were each on sale on PSN digitally for about $15 each, making the whole set $30

I'd be a buyer at $20 or less for the set, personally

zero_gamer2015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

I got the whole set for 30 on Christmas Eve off the PS Store.

Ofai2015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

Just tried ordering this and when you hit place order it gives an error stating - Please enter a valid voucher code and try again. It applied the £5 discount on the previous page but will not complete order. edited to add this was for ps4 version

hiredhelp2015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

BUY IT BUY IT no really if you not played this or wanted to but didnt want pay full price BUY IT.
Support these fantastic hardworking devs who made a truely epic game and sequel Last light.

spacedelete2014d ago

let me think about that. nah i'll just wait until its free on plus.

hiredhelp2014d ago

Well just cos that comment alone hope it doesnt go free if you knew what these devs worked in such immature comment.

Rimeskeem2015d ago

I hate it when these games don't go mainstream. They deserve all the attention but don't get marketed as well as they should.

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