Mass Effect 4: 10 Things It Must Learn From Dragon Age: Inquisition

WC: Dragon Age: Inquisition is so good that the next Mass Effect could learn a thing or two from its design choices. Given the sour note the series last left off on, a lot is riding on the success of the upcoming Mass Effect 4. Here are some of the things the next Mass Effect should learn from Dragon Age: Inquisition in order to make the best game possible.

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Ikki_Phoenix1390d ago

i just hope they do something great with the story
i love inquisition but its big and has lots of stuff to do and because of that i couldnt focus on the main story

LightDiego1390d ago

Me too, lol, but that's why the game is great, you always find a new area, quests, items, and goes on.

anticlimax1390d ago

A focused story is why Mass Effect games were always great. I don't want to be collecting things, or fetching too many items in a Mass Effect game.

(I am one of those people who couldn't finish the story of Far Cry 4 and Unity because I was bored with the sidemissions, the only reason I finished the Skyrim main story is because it is actually quite short.

If they want to make it more rpg-like, they should look at ME1 instead of DA:I.

Aloren1390d ago

One thing you must learn from Dragon Age :
Its multiplayer is almost a direct copy paste from Mass Effect multiplayer, including grinding and microtransactions (and it actually took longer to buy a large chest with ingame money in ME3 than it does in DAI).

The main difference is you actually need to play coop and use roles now. More than in ME3 anyway.

I'd say they did MP this way in DA cause it worked very well in ME. And if they keep following the ME formula, it will only get better. Can't wait to see some new environments (they're not maps really, it works like in Warframe where the rooms are not always in the same order).

Also, what you suggest was done in SWTOR, you should try and see how you like the way coop questing is done (I know it's an mmo but you can actually play it like a coop RPG).