Amazon After Christmas Sale 2014 With Half-Price Video Games

Techtorial: Amazon's after Christmas Sale provided half-priced deals to popular video games including select promos for console bundles.

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ps4gamer19832028d ago

Meh most of these are already matched by the psn sales this week. But it's still good for those who rather have disc or don't have much storage memory in their consoles.

I sure wish Square would put Kingdom Hearts on digital psn since my blu ray drive is dead on my ps3. Can't play discs anymore.

lsujester2028d ago

Many of them had been cheaper on Amazon within the last week. But they know people will be spending those Christmas gift cards, so up the prices go.

mattdillahunty2027d ago

GMG has Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel for 50% off right now, plus if you're a member you probably got an email with another voucher for 22% off. so you could get it for about $24.

HammadTheBeast2027d ago

Also, Best Buy had/has a really good deal for $350 PS4 with a game and headset.

Retroman2028d ago

ps3..Blu-ray-drive...59.99--Eb ay

ps4gamer19832028d ago

Thanks I honestly didn't think one could just buy it. Now on to so I can learn how to install the drive :O

InTheZoneAC2028d ago

Still waiting for GoW 3 to go digital and the KH series.

I was stoked when MGS4 was released on PSN recently.

Jonny5isalive2028d ago

doesnt really matter for storage, I got my ps4 yesterday and it came with GTA on the disk but still had to install 50GBs on the HD.

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scottieleverne2028d ago

How is 20 bucks off a 60 dollar game, half off?

levian2028d ago

Google Safe Browsing is giving me malware warnings on all of N4G's links. Anyone else getting this?

Omegasyde2027d ago

Yep. Even eurogamer is bring flagged

carcarias2028d ago

Yeah, me too, malware warnings all over the place.

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TheOnlyMastrx2028d ago

I'll wait for Borderlands to have a GOTY Edition, and I think with Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD coming to PS4, it may only be a matter of time for Kingdom Hearts HD games to make their way onto the platform, so i'll be holding off on 2.5 for now.

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