Best Borderlands Games, All 5 Ranked

Twinfinite writes: "Today, we're breaking down which Borderlands games shine and which sit in the shadows by ranking every Borderlands game from fine to phenomenal."

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Jakens605d ago (Edited 605d ago )

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greysun123605d ago

Why would you do this? You know, some people actually like to read and have intelligent discussions.

DothrakiSea605d ago

Go read it then, what is stopping you?

Nicknasty605d ago

So were judging and ranking games by its story? Ive played them all and this new one by far feels the most solid. Guns have more of a powerful feel to them, they dont feel like pea shooters anymore. The graphics and amount of detail are the best to date. Im also glad to see all those boring filler side quests that were in the previous games gone! Side missions are now actually worth playing in borderlands 3.

Not to mention being able to unleash your pet creature with the beastmaster. Comon, thats an awesome new feature. Only people that are complaining are the pc crowd, because of crashes and freezes.

What do you expect? Youre gaming on a computer! Playing on ps4 pro with a 4k oled and it looks amazing, HDR too. Best borderlands to date for me!

Enate604d ago

I agree, I am loving it so far an that's after playing part 2 for years. I feel like as long as they stick to the quality of DLC from 2. It will surpass it in every way I could of hoped for. I completely agree with you on the way the guns feel. I also went the PS4 Pro 4k HDR route. In fact I can't wait to get home to play it now.

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