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"Despite Nintendo's refusal to acknowledge the Duck Hunt character in Super Smash Bros. until long after the 3DS version was released, we all knew that the duo – or trio – were in the game. What we didn't know at that time was that Duck Hunt was due to release on the Wii U's Virtual Console, and now it has. The question is whether it has aged well."

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marloc_x1446d ago

Wii remote aimed inches from the screen..

M3TR01DFANBOY1446d ago

wouldn't that not work very well due to the whole sensor bar setup?

marloc_x1446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )

..just a nostalgic NES Zapper memory :)

guitarded771446d ago

Yeah... you must not be from the NES generation.

Thinking about downloading tonight just for s#!ts and giggles. I still have it on the old box, but it's in storage. Not sure if it will be the same without the Zapper though.

M3TR01DFANBOY1445d ago

guitarded77, if you meant me I'm quite familiar with light gun workings.

tweet751446d ago

it made christmas so cool this year getting super mario brothers on 3ds and duck hunt on wii u made me feel like when i got my nes for christmas in 1986 , 29 years ago. This game is still amazing fun to this day.

tweet751446d ago

Now bring on hogans alley!

GokuSolosAll1446d ago

Duck Hunt sucks for any longer than a few minutes and even then it's just nostalgia and/or casual, fleeting fun. Very shallow game here, I'd only play it if it were still packed with SMB.

RosweeSon1446d ago

All I want for Christmas is super mario world Snes version on my 3DS... Please ;)

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