Latest Assassin's Creed Unity patch boosts performance


Assassin's Creed Unity has had a rocky time since its launch in late October. Despite a substantial day one patch on release and additional updates, the game continued to be plagued by performance issues, glitches and bugs. Our recent testing of the third patch - which promised frame-rate improvements - showed some very mild changes in the game's overall fluidity, but the results were largely inconclusive.

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Scottyxboxoneandps42024d ago

Wow!!! It's nice to see the more powerful hardware finally being brought up to the " weaker" hardwares performance level!!! /:

DarkAstronaut2024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

It has and exceeded, except on games co marketed by Microsoft. Those would be...

- Assassins Creed Unity
- Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare (SP)
- Dragon Age Inquisition
- Evolve Beta

It's kind of strange TBH.

DragoonsScaleLegends2024d ago

After the patches they did on Call of Duty AW on PS4 the stutters during SP are rare now.

Starbucks_Fan2024d ago

Awesome. Tempted to get it now. I've seen it on sale around $30 quite often now.

Dudebro902024d ago

Still not anywhere close where it needs to be.

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The story is too old to be commented.