Fixing Sony

The past few weeks have been rough for Sony. This isn’t a new occurrence — it’s been happening to them for over a decade.

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Mechanism1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

Why don't you just worry about keeping your dirty bias fanboy agenda out of your said 'journalism', and let the multii-billion dollar company worry about their problems. Your last paragraph said it all, and your comment history talking about "sony ponies" is pretty revealing. Salty.

Cheapest looking blog i've seen for a while, good work.

Stay classy.

Gaming247allday1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

"this article is cheap" "this blog sucks" "what a biased article" so why do you guys all feel the need to defend Sony then like a bunch of women? crying over this and that, god i would hate to be as insecure as some of you here

you guys are severely contradicting yourself right now, grow some balls and get over it, you will thank me later

edit: sorry rephrased my post below, but i dont always attack Sony, the only reason i say anything is because of how much dumb sh!t i see on here by Sony fans, they say one thing but their actions reflect an entirely different view

thanhgee1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

"the fact you even commented implies this article's importance to you, that you are so insecure with your console of choice"

Dude.. Every comment you make on a PS article is filled with trolling and hate. Why do you need to attack Sony at all cost?

Nice edit man haha

morganfell1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

Fixing Sony? What?

The axiom springs to mind, "If it ain't broke..."

And before anyone bothers, it isn't.


No you do not always attack Sony. Just most of the time.

BlackTar1871396d ago

Says the xbox guy who trolls PS articles. LOL Do you have any mirrors in your house? You should go stand in front of them and say everything you just said again and then come back and tell us all a lie about how you didn't feel silly

OB1Biker1396d ago

The point of these comments and the interest is you can and should express your opinion if you find fault with the articles. I believe its the best way to comment instead of going full fanboy wars with lists, dafly promoting your prefered console or bashing other consoles or trolling
Everyone should focus on trying to have better and less biased gaming news instead of being manipulated by the media into fan wars

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Jayfatyboombaty1396d ago

It's always funny when someone ends their post with "Stay Classy" because they're typically the most distasteful. At any rate, the write-up specifically makes parallels to Wired Magazine's "Pray" article from 1997 while at the same time parodying the imagery of the cover. Sony as a whole is hemorrhaging money right now. If you actually read it, it specifically gives points on where Sony does well, and what they could probably do in their restructuring efforts to regain profitability, and therefore stay in the game and continue to make innovations worthwhile to all consumers.

And honestly man, the bar for what passes as journalism on a democratized site with majority Sony fans is pretty low. I mean if I knew writing up my review of a game I played last year would have gotten me on the top, I would have just done that.

DarkAstronaut1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

The Playstation Division is ran pretty much seperate from Sony, as is the Xbox Division to Microsoft. The Playstation Division has it's own budget and has been extremely profitable recently. The end of the PS3, All of the PS2 and all of the PS1 were all profitable.

Even if anything happened to Sony the Playstation Division will still exist, they have been the market leader in consoles for 3 of 4 generations. Currently they move more software and hardware with a higher profit margin than Microsoft and Nintendo in the world of consoles.

I think they'll be fine. Since again, Sony bleeding money has zero to do with the extremely profitable Playstation Division. Sony bleeding money is a bullet point for fanboys that ran out of ways to knock the Playstation, now their only hope is resting on Sony going of of business.

Don't write about things you don't understand, this is a huge problem in gaming currently.

freshslicepizza1396d ago

the playstation division is not seeing those same profit margins they seen during the ps2 era. the ps3 basically gobbled up previous profits and hurt sony badly financially. the ps4 is doing much better but it wont regain those profit margins set by the first playstation and ps2. vita has also been a bust. this explains why sony is branching out to services like playstation now for additional revenue. same with pushing the subscription model plus.

game development has become way too costly for aaa games which is why weve seen time and again constant delays. they cannot afford them to not be hits and the development is slowly retracting on the aaa market.

the future lies in services, not hardware.

DarkAstronaut1396d ago

" the ps3 basically gobbled up previous profits and hurt sony badly financially."

TVs, PCs and I believe Phones is what hurt Sony. The Playstation Division in general isn't hurting Sony.

"this explains why sony is branching out to services like playstation now for additional revenue. same with pushing the subscription model plus."

Every company is looking for additional revenue.

"game development has become way too costly for aaa games which is why weve seen time and again constant delays. they cannot afford them to not be hits and the development is slowly retracting on the aaa market."

The PS4 exclusive line up for 2015 is off the charts, this makes no sense.

ShowanW1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

Moldy is looking at things from a BIG picture whole view... And this is the way you are suppose to view things.

The PS3 did pretty much eat away at the profits made by the PSx and PS2. PS3 wasn't profitable until 4-5 yrs into it's life cycle.

Sony IS Sony... The more TV's,Phones, PC/Laptops, MP3 players, etc plunder... That's less coin that Sony can put into the PS4.

All departments need to generate revenue to help it's main product (PS4) prosper.

If Sony is taking a hit on the movie The Interview, that means millions of dollars was just lost... Not to be made back up. When a company has many divisions, money is allocated accordingly to each.

If PS4 is King, you would have wanted to put some of the profit (if movie would of made profit) towards PS4/Vita.. Then you put the Michael Jackson collection out on the market (which is all crazy profit and never a loss) on Itunes, Amazon, Xbox Music, etc.. Now you can easily put that $$$ towards PS4... Well you get what I mean.

Here's an example... People are knocking the Wii-U sales... But as long as the 3DS (ALL PROFIT) is selling in droves and the 6versions of Pokemon and Mario are selling like nuts, this allows Nintendo to keep bringing a console to market. Rather the console sucks or not.

Death1396d ago

Playstation is not a money maker for Sony. It brings in tremendous revenue, but the profit margin is one of the lowest for the company. Xbox is the same for Microsoft. Sony financial is the biggest money maker for Sony. Imaging brings in less revenue than Playstation, but more than twice the profits.

There is no easy answer for Sony which is why they have been struggling for so long. In my uneducated opinion I feel Sony needs to focus more on creating exclusive experiences on their devices. They need to keep their products and services on their own devices. Bundling a Dualshock with all their TV's, Blu-ray players, and now PSTV's would give access to PSNow on all of their consumer devices. Having a Playstation store that mimics iTunes would help tie all of their divisions together. Sony has all of the pieces, they just haven't successfully brought them all together yet like Apple.

The Interview was a bad idea from day one. They should have known killing off any political figure would trigger a negative response. It's one thing to kill off a fictional leader we can all assume is someone, but what they did was uncalled for. It was no different than burning the Quran.

freshslicepizza1396d ago

the ps3 hurt sony financially but luckily the ps4 was built to be profitable early on. sony is also too late in the cellphone market which is a shame because their phones are actually really good. they tried to attach the playstation to android phones but that didnt do anything. playstation now seems to be a bust and recent leaks have shown their movie studios, namely spiderman, to be in limbo. we know the electronic and tv market they used to own is washed away thanks to samsung.

all one has to do is look at their stock value since 2005 and see its been a long slide downhill. still we dont really have to worry as far as the ps4 goes, its one of the few bright spots with a good future.

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Malice-Flare1396d ago

and yet, there you are doing the the unclassy thing and returning fire. you call people Sony Ponies and they'll remember...

Sony is doing just fine. restructuring takes time and resources. it'll be a while before they're green again as a whole. and, unlike other companies, their board of directors don't seem keen on giving up on Kaz' plans...

unlike you, i won't pretend to know how to fix Sony. i know, however, that you're confusing 'making something popular or profitable' with innovation...

freshslicepizza1396d ago

sony is way too deep in tradition, much like nintendo, which is why its so hard to make a turnaround.

sin72791396d ago

O my, another stupid pointless troll trash article!

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

Ah here we go again, another ignorant asshole who can't comprehend the fact that Sony pictures doesn't have shit to do with Sony Computer Entertainment. So funny how fanboys are trying to spin it into a console war argument. The PlayStation division is almost completely separate from Sony. If Sony died today ( which won't be happening for a long long long long long time) the PlayStation brand will still be here tomorrow. PlayStation is too big and too successful to go away. Xbox fanboys wanna see the PlayStation brand go away so bad. News flash Sony has been doing this way longer than MS and are way more successful than MS when it comes to a gaming legacy. The Xbox division would end way before the PlayStation brand. Please kill the ignorance.

Death1396d ago

If Sony "died" today, Playstation would go with it. Playstation is not separate from Sony. They are a division within the company like all the other divisions. When compared to the others, it is one of the least profitable. SCE is directly related to all of the others despite what you think. Components come from Sony. Content is supplies by Sony music, pictures, and movies. With a little luck Playstation is used on a Sony TV. From a company perspective Playstations appeal is on how it integrates all of Sony's devices and services. The idea the division can stand on it's own is absurd.

BlackTar1871396d ago

The Division could stand on it's own. Saying it has no chance is absurd.

Death1396d ago

The division hasn't been profitable for the better part of the last decade. With the success of the PS4, it is now finally starting to make money. The margin is still significantly lower than most divisions within the company. Playstation can not stand on it's own as of today. Perhaps in the future if it continues to grow.

The same can be said of Microsoft's gaming division. The division has been profitable for a much longer time frame, but the margin isn't very high. Both Playstation and Xbox see a lot of revenue, but the cost of that revenue is much higher leading to a smaller profit margin. Investors do not pressure Microsoft to drop Xbox because of losses, they do it since the division sees less profit on higher revenue. They feel the money invested is better used in other divisions that see a higher profit yield. The reason we don't see Sony investors making the same demands is due to the fact the company overall has been losing money for close to a decade. Microsoft is still considered a blue chip stock with much higher expectations.

Death1396d ago

Here's a link to Sony's financial results.

The last three fiscal years show Sony losing 8,058 million yen March of 2014 in Game. They made 1,735 million yen the fiscal year ending March 2013 and 29,302 million yen in 2012.

To put that in perspective, the loss of 8,058 billion yen for the year is 68 million dollars. Sony made 14 million in profit for the entire 2013 fiscal year. Since the posted loss in April, Game has made $243 million in profit on sales of over $5 billion.

$243 million is a lot of money, but it is less than a 5% margin which is relatively low when compared to Sony's other divisions. Xbox isn't doing much more for Microsoft. They are both low margin investments.

joeorc1395d ago

again Sony computer entertainment America LLC for an example is not a "division" of Sony! it is a "Division" of sony computer entertainment "inc"

and Sony Computer entertainment "inc" is a

The subsidiary can be a company, corporation, or limited liability company. In some cases it is a government or state-owned enterprise. The controlling entity is called its parent company, parent, or holding company.

Unlike Microsofts Xbox part which is a "division" of Microsoft.

i have been explaining to you this.. Sony's playstation section is a Subsidiary of Sony , that is not how Microsoft set up Xbox.

again its not the same thing.

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