Gaming History 101: Light Gun Shooters

This week Fred and Jam tackle the wonderful world of light gun shooters. What started as a mere carnival game evolved into one of the more interactive – and for some of us, fun – genres that has not withstood the test of time. With the advent of newer screens, the technology that made light guns possible is now ruined by delays of no more than a fraction of a second. In this episode we discuss the history, technology behind, and our fondest memories of the games that utilized the light gun peripheral.

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hiredhelp2584d ago (Edited 2584d ago )

This was were it all begun for me in terms of light old C64 http://www.richardlagendijk...

troylazlow2584d ago

Light gun games are some of my favorite. I played one in collage that that used a sensor to track your body and you had to physically duck behind shelter. Killed your legs but it was fun. Can't remember the name, post below if you know the name.