Worst of 2014: Gaming’s biggest disappointments

From broken launches and cancellations, 2014 gave us plenty to complain about.

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ColManischewitz1395d ago

Hopefully game developers and publishers learn from these for 2015 and beyond.

Roccetarius1395d ago

Chances are that they won't learn from it, because history tends to repeat itself. Yes, i'm pessimistic/cynical, but that's what years of gaming and observing does to you.

N4g_null1395d ago

How can they learn when 20 million are buying a console based on the lie of % 50 more preformance. Broken games selling 5 million just because of graphical output that is somewhat incomplete in preformance.

I mean really some one needs to address that performance descripency. Then ask for better gameplay. Say no to broken games and help these studios stay in buisness by being louder about unfunded aspects of games not just being cheerleader for a certain platform.

averagejoe261395d ago

Broke sales records. Millions of people log in to play each day. Hardly a disappointment.

nintendontt1395d ago

[email protected] no ones disagreeing that there arent idiots in the world. lol also just cause a game sold well doesn't express how well received it was or how good it is to the people who bought it and the only people who were stupid enough to keep playing the game are people who were dumb enough to buy the expansion packs. other than that many people traded or sold there copy.

TheShrew1395d ago

NHL 15 was a disaster. Nothing redeeming whatsoever.

Roccetarius1395d ago

But they're going to fix what they did wrong with the next game. /s

I have no interest in the sports games personally, but i can see why they keep making them. It's easy money.

1395d ago
WeAreLegion1395d ago

Note to OP,

Thank you for not posting a picture of a well loved PS4, XBO, or Wii U exclusive with the story, just to get hits. It is greatly appreciated.

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