Why it’s Relieving that Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas 2 was a Hoax

Hardcore Gamer: We couldn't help wondering why people would be so excited about a direct sequel, especially since the fake press release alleged that CJ would be the main playable character.

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ValKilmer2032d ago

I would never want Rockstar to waste time on a sequel. They should always be spending time on creating classic characters and hardware-pushing game worlds.

XboxOneX2032d ago

GTA SA will always be my favourite game :) I would like to see DLC added to GTA V to bring in CJ for a few missions maybe but a sequel is not needed.

Blaze9292032d ago

I still want to know what happened to CJ's brother and why he fled to Liberty City. San Andreas stories please

kassler2032d ago

I Think the next GTA will take place in Vice City.

Halo2ODST22032d ago

It will probably be even smaller than GTA5, pfft 1 city, in vice city it's be a town, with Grass covering 99% of the map like gt 5

Matt6662031d ago

yea but GTA 5 was one city, GTA SA had three cities yes maybe smaller map but still so they could do GTA VC bigger and more detailed and maybe add a joinging state to it

SeanScythe2032d ago

I liked VC way more the SA. I remember buying it and playing it for a few hours and then just being bored with it. Vice city felt more alive and funner. Maybe I just didn't care for the story, it was the same with GTA4 I hated the story and characters.

OB1Biker2032d ago

A bit thick all those 'why' articles

SilentNegotiator2031d ago

"We couldn't help wondering why people would be so excited about a direct sequel"

Because SA was the only good one.
*Runs for the hills*

FlyingFoxy2031d ago

VC had the best music but SA had some good ones too, i liked the humor in VC as well as the seriousness of it. If they made a new VC today i guess they would have to expand the map quite a bit, not that it's too small but it is a lot smaller when compared to SA.. even the amount of missions.

spacedelete2031d ago

agreed i have played them all and only San andreas has any longevity. the rest are just souless empty worlds like GTAV.

PurpHerbison2031d ago (Edited 2031d ago )

GTA1&2? Okay, but 3, and VC??? Not so much. VC to this day still has the best atmosphere out of any GTA title ever made.