StarCraft 2 System Requirements Dug Out

WorldofWar.net's technical guru, Kalos, seems to have acquired an interest in StarCraft 2 and has apparently been digging out all available information of StarCraft 2 in order to printing out StarCraft 2's probable System Requirements. It is a very thorough analysis of what we have learned at WWI, as well as old information from the Zerg Press Release in March this year, as well as every imaginable and unimaginable reliable source that's possible to find.

The two pages long article contains all the currently known information on the StarCraft 2 technical aspects from Blizzard.

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Leord5721d ago

Well, it looks like I need to upgrade then. I have a 3 year old laptop... Still, I think the next one will be a laptop as well though. I really like being able to be "mobile"...

Funny, I didn't know Blizzard had bought that 3D engine in 2006...

SCFreelancer5721d ago

I am actually pretty happy with the results from this fact analysis. Both my Desktop and Laptop should be able to run it medium/medium-high settings.

There is a difference between running it smooth and running it smooth though. If you like to play competitive you want to prevent it from ever slowing down below a certain threshold to stay ahead of your opponent(s). For those who are more average players and/or love to play single player the actual performance is bound to another set of expectations: its nice to see the story play out in high detail :)

Leord5721d ago

Well, then you just have a better system than me =P I am not really looking forward to purchasing a new PC just to play my favourite gam,e but what to do?

kalos5721d ago

If anyone is interested in seeing a really good implimentation of the Havok Physics Engine, I'd recommend having a look at the World War 2 RTS game Company of Heroes by Relic Entertainment, very good game with good phyics. The fact that Blizzard have intergrated the same physics engine into Starcraft II is quite exciting to me, also encouraged me to take a look at Company of Heroes's minimums to see the kind of overhead I could expect from the demands of Starcraft.

Leord5721d ago

Really? That's interesting. The word "Havok" didn't actually mean much to me.

you think it might be the same in Diablo 3? I have heard people saying the physics looked a lot alike in the two games!

kalos5721d ago

I think that will probably be the case. Not much point liciencing something only to use it once after all :P And it would certainly be impressive on the scale that Diablo III was operating on during the WWI demonstrations. Nothing solid saying that it will be in there right now that I know of, but I wouldn't expect Blizzard to squander the technology while it is still hot and quite new.

Daver5721d ago


Same here i'm buying a new PC only for starcraft 2 and diablo 3 :)

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Maticus5721d ago

I was expecting it to be a lot worse, I'm happy now.

Leord5721d ago

Indeed, with the graphics they have etc, it could have been much worse. I would assume that there will be a setting on "low, medium, high", as most games have, so people with powerhouse PCs can experience something more.

This is one thing StarCraft I couldn't do, as it was all in 2D.

kalos5721d ago

I don't expect Blizzard are going to throw us for a ring, but I'll keep my nose on what they are up to. I really don't expect they'll go beyond their famed mass market accessability, if they made the Pentium 4 series unable to run the game at minimum levels there will be many niggled customers. I wish I could have taken one of those PCs at the WWI to peices just to see exactly what they had set up there, alas.

Dark_Vendetta5721d ago

I'm happy too, my PC is a little better as the Recommended Specs. Now I just have to hope Diablo 3 is the same

Cogo5721d ago

Yeah, it could have been a lot worse. But that is blizzard for you. They do try to make sure most people can play their games, and even if whatever PCs they had at BlizzCon might be overpowered doesn't mean that the game will require such PCs.

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hay5721d ago

Wow, actually I'll be able to play it with my old and grumpy PC, cool!

Adriana Lima5721d ago

lately, when i play dota or diablo ii, the fps just goes to hell

it drops to .3 fps

is it a virus, component failure, heat?

i did a few scans and nothing was found but cookies (yum.)

and I think it's good enough to handle sc2.
2.00 Ghz
3.2 ram
duo core.

kalos5721d ago

A XPS machine is supposed to be a high quality gaming machine, anything that struggled with Diablo II is either over ten years old or has a major fault with it. I would really phone them up and ask them to take a look at it, especially if your warranty is still good on it.

Adriana Lima5721d ago

and the fps drops when the bottom gets really hot.

i recently bought a cooling pad but it's at home and i'm at school til the week end.

i think my warranty expired.

kalos5721d ago

Try keeping your room ventilated well (I'm supposing it's summer there, that time of the year where everything gets hot for your part of the world?) and windows open/airconditioning on. Many PCs struggle with the heat, my old Athlon 64 rig used to be fine in December but come July...nightmare to work with until I installed a pair of chassis fans.

Cogo5721d ago

"Kalos", is that the same guy mentioned in the news item that resides at worldofwar.net?

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Wuushu5721d ago

For some reason I'm having a hard time concentrating on System Requirements when i think about Adriama Lima.