5 Reasons on why Bayonetta is not a DMC "Clone"

While there isn't much details regarding Bayonetta, some people Claimed that its a Devil may Cry
clone from what they saw at the Teaser trailer, we can't really blame them, as the teaser really
didn't show much, But what we gathered from interviews, Teaser analysis, Impressions, says that
Bayonetta is no where near a clone of Devil may cry, here is a few reasons why

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Rikitatsu3763d ago

that this game is a "DMC clone" those idiots have no idea who is Kamiya or Platinum games ...

NO_PUDding3763d ago

I have an idea Kamiya worked on one of the DMC's.

Isn't that reaosn enough for people to assume. And that market research that was run, proved that people were willing to compare it to God of War and Devil May Cry, so why wouldn't it be a clone?

Anyway, I don't expect you to understand where I am comign from and fair enough, we are all fanboy's to our favourite games, and it's fine to be passionate about something.

You couldn't insult ICO, Shadow of the Colossus or ICO3, without me interupting.

Rikitatsu3763d ago

because Kamiya already created other games like Okami, Viewtiful joe, Resident evil 2 ... all of them had nothing in common ... why would we assume that he will clone his first project when he stated that it will be different

Makes no sense IMO

NO_PUDding3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

I was goign to mention Okami and Viewtiful Joe, but neitehr of them were anythign that revolutionary. Okami was great, and I only eve played demoes of Viewtiful Joe.

He's hasn't proved himself capable of doing much other than an interesting art style. And I personally hated Okami's art style - I hate how art directions have to be so forced and extreme to even get recognised.

Either way, I ahve to admit, anything like DMC doesn't ring my bells. I am a PS3 fanboy and I couldn't even care less if God of War III is at E3, so that's my view anyway. Thanks for not disagreeing by the way, on the above post.

acetw1n3763d ago

wether or not this makes it a clone is a matter of opion .
I for one think it is a clone

ChrisGTR13763d ago

... i dont even need to read the thing and just from the title i now know its a dmc clone..

Rikitatsu3763d ago

Seriously what the hell

ChrisGTR13763d ago

if they need to make a "5 or 10 reasons why its not something".. then it always is that something.

Rikitatsu3763d ago

just because it had "two Guns" and "Fighting Demons" people claimed its a DMC clone

Rikitatsu3763d ago

that's just like saying Gears of war is a Resident evil 4 Clone because you have over the shoulder aiming and fight monsters

you guys have no logic

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Skerj3763d ago

Bayonetta is going to rock, the only part I hope Kamiya cloned from DMC was the combat depth from DMC3. He wasn't on that one but I hope something got to him, then Bayonetta will be my favorite action game ever.

INehalemEXI3763d ago

I too look forward to Bayonetta. Its something new and if it shares some DMC likes then I would take that as a positive. I hope there are lots of alt costumes a kin to Product # 3.

Le-mo3763d ago

A clone or not I know Platinum Games will not disappoint. Their previous games such as Okami, God Hand, and Viewtiful Joe are fantastic and I expect no less from Bayonetta.

NO_PUDding3763d ago

Oakmi and Viewtiful Joe weren't them. It was Clover games and Okami was just soemthign sperate altogether.

Dark General3763d ago

Platinum Games are all the former Clover devs (or the majority of them) that got the shaft when Capcom decided to close down Clover studio's. So they all came together to make their own independent company first the studio was gonna be named SEEDS but they changed it to Platinum Games. So yeah they did indeed make Okami, Viewtiful Joe and God Hand when they were working as Clover.

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