Minecraft creator buys Beverly Hills home for $70 million

The creator of Minecraft bought a house that was also desired by Beyoncé. Seriously.

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gangsta_red2033d ago

Damn...that is all I have to say about that...

HammadTheBeast2033d ago

It's pretty cool that this guy made a simple game and has almost triple the net worth of a JayZ.

Magnes2032d ago

And for times the talent in his field respectively.

Gazondaily2032d ago

A lil slice of heaven...

medman2033d ago

Notch is doing it wrong...with that kind of money, you don't buy houses, you buy private islands and private jets with your own landing strip. Or, mega yacht it and travel the world while going to and fro as you please with the twin helicopters on board.

Codewow2032d ago

With that kind of money.. you invest to make more. Fund a company, etc. Don't sit on it.

abstractel2032d ago

Personally I think that kind of spending is disgusting considering what's going on in the world... Seriously, no one needs that house. You can get a perfectly nice house for a fraction of what he's paying for that. Thought as a Swede he'd have some conscience but I guess not.

scark922032d ago

Or build houses out of Diamonds..

NuggetsOfGod2032d ago

Waste of cash but it's his money.

mikeslemonade2032d ago (Edited 2032d ago )

Well if your buy real estate that big there's a security issue. So it would make sense to buy a "smaller scale" mansion like this.

I'm a city person and I think most gamers are city boys too.

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FanboyKilla2032d ago

wtf does this have to do with games? in other news later im going to take a shite.

gangsta_red2032d ago

Are you a game designer? Did you make a game that made you billions of dollars? Will your
sh!te be able to buy a ridiculous home like the one Notch did?

If so, please submit your story to N4G because I would like to know the answers to these questions.

t-hall7852032d ago

They make it sound like Jay and Bey have the type of money he has lol.

At a $2 billion purchase price, Persson would receive more than $1.4 billion before taxes if the deal was paid in all cash. That money would come in addition to payments from Mojang to license the “Minecraft” title he created. In the past, the company’s disclosed that it paid entities affiliated with Persson more than $100 million per year in 2012 and 2013 for licensing fees. According to Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter, Microsoft would presumably be acquiring both Mojang and the rights to “Minecraft” from Persson in the potential deal.

Buoyed by the rampant success of “Minecraft” Mojang has been highly profitable since its founding four years ago. In 2013, the 35-employee company reported $288 million in revenues, with $115 million in earnings. The largest operating expense came in the form of compensating Persson for the licensing fees to “Minecraft.”

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EdMcGlone2033d ago

This is hysterical LOL.

ScorpiusX2033d ago

Like the saying goes You slow you B***

Scatpants2033d ago

I was looking at this house also but it didn't have enough square footage for me and I wanted something with a 6 car garage.

Idree2032d ago

I just read that this house has a underground car garage that holds 16 cars xD and a underground theater with 24 lounge seats xD

A lot more than the 6 you wanted lol.

ifistbrowni2032d ago

He wanted a 6 car garage specifically.

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